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Hawaii Judge Blocks Trumps New Immigration Order

We now, as Mark Levin was saying this evening, live in an age of judicial tyranny. 

People were worried about President Trump ruling without regard to the Constitution. Instead, it’s the judiciary and their Democratic allies on Capitol Hill. In an age of political correctness and liberal certainty, the ends are deemed so noble that they justify all means, including ignorance of the Constitution and the rule of law.

It’s true, the election of Trump is a threat to our democracy. But the threat isn’t coming from Trump.

A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday issued a restraining order against President Trump’s revised travel ban that affected six countries from the Middle East and North Africa.

The block comes less than one day before the March 16 executive order was slated to be put into action.

“Upon evaluation of the parties’ submissions, and following a hearing on March 15, 2017, the court concludes that, on the record before it, plaintiffs have met their burden of establishing a strong likelihood of success on the merits of their Establishment Clause claim, that irreparable injury is likely if the requested relief is not issued, and that the balance of the equities and public interest counsel in favor of granting the requested relief,” wrote Derrick K. Watson, the federal judge, in the ruling.

21 thoughts on “Hawaii Judge Blocks Trumps New Immigration Order”

  1. Scary times we live in.

    My congressman was unable to hold his town meeting, not unlike other members of Congress, due to the jeers, shouts, and just plain meaness of the disrupters.

    No respect. No common decency. Lawlessness. And we who don’t agree — what do we do?

  2. Well, there’s always an activist judge. Now, we’ll have a few more terrorists enter the nation while Trump’s right to issue such an order is confirmed by the Supreme Court.

  3. Congress can restrict what the judiciary can and cannot hear, per Article 3, Section 2.

    For instance, Congress could, in theory, say that no court short of SCOTUS may hear a case involving the powers given strictly to the Executive.

    1. And that, according to Legal Insurrection, is where we are. I am no legal beagle but it sounds bad to me. Borrowing from LI there is this:

      “Two big developments on judicial usurpation of presidential immigration and national security powers.

      The federal district court in Hawaii issued a TRO and the 9th Circuit denied en banc hearing of the first appeal. Both Order are embedded in full at the bottom of this post.

      The net result is that Trump has been stripped of his constitutional and statutory powers to protect the nation through control of who is permitted to enter the country.”

      The link

      1. And, apparently, that 43-page opinion was issued just two hours after the case was heard.

        So either the case was prejudged, or we need to go find that judge’s fingers back in 1987. #SaveTheClockTower

    1. I recently read that the Knesset was trying to prohibit the use of loudspeakers on calls to prayer. It’s a quality of life issue, especially since the first one is done well before sunrise.

      I’m guessing that this judge might change his tune if, say, he started getting woken up by a call to prayer on a loud stereo right outside his window at 5:30 AM…

  4. I don’t normally agree with this tactic but considering the way the Barack Obama and theLeft is trying to bring Trump down, the country would be well served to do a recess appointment for Gorsuch.

  5. Judge in MD challenges the travel ban as well.

    Trump needs to get a hold of this judicially, even if it means taking it to the Supremes. Saying it is “historical judicial overreach” is not enough.

    The Dems are on on a tear and this will pop up everywhere. It is not just a matter of the 9th circuit. And it is bigger than Donald Trump.

    The Dems have moved increasingly to the Left.

    1. I commented here before the election that the life of our great Republic depend on now President Trump being elected.
      Afterwords I thought I had over stated that.
      Well, imo, the election was the beginning of the war.
      The Dem’s and the left have gone all in, they are not going to give up.
      Stay strong, stay safe my friends.

  6. This 9th Circuit decision is a travesty of justice. It will be reversed by the Supreme Court according to Alan Dershowitz.

    “Alan Dershowitz: 9th Circuit Ruling Against Trump Was Based on Politics”

    “Dershowitz: 9th Circuit Ruling ‘Not a Solid Decision’ – ‘Looks Like It’s Based More On Policy Than on Constitutionality’”

    This is what happens when Progressives go judge-shopping to get the results their vile politics demand.

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