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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, March 14, 2017

12:30 pm || Has lunch with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud; Old Family Dining Room
3:00 pm || Speaks with the CEO of Anthem Joseph Swedish and HHS Secretary Tom Price by telephone
4:00 pm || Speaks about healthcare with Speaker Ryan and House Majority Leader McCarthy by telephone

All times Eastern
White House briefing is at 2:00 pm

11 Responses to Trump Schedule || Tuesday, March 14, 2017

  1. Joseph Swedish ? Nice name.
    General election in the Netherlands tomorrow. So very, very important. I don´t expect Geert Wilders to win but I expect him to get many, many votes and thus become a major force in European politics. The outcome will affect the French election, I believe that the political landscape in Europe will change fast now.
    Today the EU court decided in two important cases from Belgium and France. It is, according to the decision, not discrimination when employers demand the employees to remove their veils.There were some conditions in the decision but this was the general outcome. I suspect that EU is so nervous about the upcoming elections ( EU might very well crumble now ) that they now try to rub the Europeans the right way. But it is too late, we know who the enemies are.

    • You’re right, swedishlady. It’s far too late for the EU to try to kiss and make up to Great Britain, France, Holland and all the other countries now contemplating how much better life would be without the EU.

    • Good updates, SL. The EU will eventually go the way of all highly centralized, top heavy, over-regulated, liberty-stealing governments. It will collapse.

    • As Marcus said, thank you for the updates. It helps get a read on the situation.

      What a mess — here and in Europe. Wilders is a brave man and I hope, as you do, that he gets many votes to indicate that perhaps the tide is turning.

      Both Europe and the US are faced with a real problem in what to do with the people — those who want to harm us already in the country, and those still coming across our borders.

      Pretty sure the reports coming from Sweden about rapes etc. are in certain areas, but it is an indicator and could grow. I don’t even want to think about certain areas of our state of Minnesota.

      Anyway, good luck to Wilders. And thanks for keeping us updated.