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Obama Steps Up His Activity Level

He’s traveling, holding meetings, getting something done. Who knows what it is? No doubt Obama will become one of the leaders of the “resistance,” with occasional statements and plenty of work behind the scenes.

Former President Barack Obama was spotted Monday in Hawaii, adding to what has been a busy several days for the 44th president, the Washington Examiner reported.

He went to Buzz’s Lanikai on Honolulu, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Earlier in the day he visited tech leaders in San Jose, Calif.

On Sunday, Obama was in Omaha, Neb., to have lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett and his wife Susie.

46 Responses to Obama Steps Up His Activity Level

  1. Well, perhaps all that hacking he did on the military’s golf courses will turn out to be a good thing after all.

    Had he been more committed to working on his “fundamental transformation” than on his pitch-and-run shots, there’d be that much more for President Trump to unscrew.

  2. Perhaps it’s time to raise the constitutional minimum age of a POTUS to 55 years old.
    MrObama has a long life ahead. And nothing to do.

  3. OT: big time
    What is wrong with the East Coast people today? A predicted snow storm causes panic, closures, flights cancelled, and more panic.
    It’s snow, not molten lava.
    It will be gone in two days or so. It melts away, is plowed away, is shoveled and then is gone.

    • I lived in Minnesota for Jr High & High school, so I kinda now about ‘snow & winter storms’…being back here on the East Coast (Philadelphia area…) I am somewhat amused how people respond to winter weather around the Mid-Atlantic…

      • I worked in Russia and I was always cold. Cold! I had a good friend, she was never cold. I asked her about it one day. She told me she was from Minnesota. :)

      • When I lived in L.A., we used to freak out, honestly, when it was going to rain. One’s measure of what is a problem adjusts to one’s life. There will always be a “freak” notch on the scale, even if it comes to mean that the temp is going “down” to 60 degrees. Human nature.

    • I dunno, there are what, thirty million people stretched out between DC and Boston?
      I am not a panic type, but the ensuing disruption from a very big and unpredictable coastal storm will get your attention.
      Frankly, it is more the media types hyperventilating and over-hyping it than your average resident on the Jersey coast.

      • Yes, over hyping! The local weather -uh, “guru’s”…
        They have predicted “snow on the Valley floor” so many times since I’ve lived here…..
        In Tucson, AZ.
        We actually do get a dusting of snow when it’s not predicted.
        Now we’re facing 95 degrees…

    • Nothing is wrong with east coast people (except the twits who can’t get over Trump winning).. It’s the media who predicted Snowmageddon. The real folks soldier on like we always do. 12 inches and still coming in NNJ at 5:39 PM. Annoying, inconvenient, but no big deal.

      • Agree on the media hype. In Maine here, the weather people on TV have been hysterical, hyping this storm for days. Oh, it will be awful, they tell us. Oh, there will be starvation and panic and no doubt a new Black Plague will emerge from the storm, the horses will panic, dog and cats will be lost, little children caught up in the wind and gone forever, etc etc etc.

        It’s a snowstorm, for goodness sake. It’s not the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming to destroy Planet Earth. Sure it’s a big storm–we’ve got a foot here now and another foot on the way, with 50 MPH gusts. So we’ll do what we always do–we’ll shovel, snow blow and plow our way out of it. By noon tomorrow, things will be back to normal. Until then we can keep clacking on the computer keys, cook a favorite meal and finish reading that book we’ve been enjoying.

        • About the weather. Apparently the national weather service knew the storms would not be as reported earlier but did not announce the change so as “not to confuse the public”. There is a small funny rant on this over at AOS which also points out:

          “I wonder whether those arrogant, elitist pricks realized that millions of people made decisions; financial, personal, and business decisions based on their predictions”

          • Well, Grace, the forecasters were just being politically correct, not wanting to create the appearance of being microaggressors by upsetting whoever they thought would be upset by a revised, more accurate forecast. ;+}

      • I remember the first time Chicago’s O’Hare Field was ever closed due to a blizzard. It was about 1976 or thereabouts. I was supposed to meet my husband there to give him $ and clean underwear. Obviously, he didn’t get either. Today’s airline cancellations are for wusses.

  4. If he insists on meddling like some Third World country “opposition,” I would have that treason charge at the ready if I were President Trump.

    • Obama got his info (“wire tap) from the Brits. He made sure not to leave any finger prints in our government trail. So a sitting President solicits information from a foreign government about a presidential candidate. Not all. Just one. Donald Trump.

      There is no way, even though he deserves it, that Obama will ever be charged with treason, sedition or if point of fact, anything.

      And I do not know if that is because we are a nation of good people sworn to the peaceful transition of power or cowards.

  5. Well, my my, he is starting to get going now that he’s no longer the laziest prez ever. Of course his agenda is questionable. May he rot.

  6. I hope his aircraft nose dives into the Pacific Ocean at three hundred knots with him and his America hating old lady aboard.

    • Yes, he is. He’s huddling with the Soros types, his handlers and other creatures of the Deep State. The deep re-programming for his post-Presidency period has probably been completed by now. He’s more dangerous than ever at this point. Damian Thorne.

      • He’s dangerous? We are not afraid of him anymore, I mean, let’s not be! He’s over, gone, and please, don’t encourage him with these posts. He is a horrible person, I heard that he stole our taxpayer money and gave it to liberal groups before he left! And nobody investigates him? Why? Because he’s half black and white? I don’t get it. Obama shouldn’t be able to get away with so much bad behavior. The fix is in for Obama while Trump is harrassed 24/7? Its Obama who hates America and us, not Trump? So many many dumb people now in the Democrat Socialist party and they get away with murder too? Why? Obama was the worst President, stole our money, wants to give our country away for nothing. His presidency has caused so much death and destruction because Obama is a very bad/sick guy just as Trump said he was. No one can say he didn’t listen in on Trump, Obama has listened in on Merkel and had to apologize to her for that and many, many others who will find out very soon who they are. McCain is a traitor also who is going after Trump all the time, does no work, just obsesses about getting Trump, he also should be impeached and booted out, he is truly demented, a traitor of the worst kind, goes to CNN and MSNBC to spread lies and hate about Trump all the time. May he rot in hell soon!

  7. Elsewhere, President Trump issued an EO focusing on reorganizing the government to eliminate redunancy as much as possible and increase efficiency.

    There will be squeals from gutted pigs on both sides of the aisle and throughout the rooms of the apparatchiki,

  8. Breitbart has a eye on Obama’s post-Presidency activities:

    “Obama Vs. Trump: Ex-President Returns to Radical Community Organizing to Save His Tattered Legacy”

    From the story:
    “Evidence of Obama’s close associations with efforts to oppose Trump emerged two weeks ago when a group of former top lawyers for the Obama administration formed their own organization aimed at utilizing legal advocacy methods to target Trump’s policies.

    “That organization is calling itself United to Protect Democracy, drawing on the theme of Obama’s farewell speech last month.

    “The legal activist group is already partnered with an organization heavily financed by billionaire George Soros and is led by a former Obama lawyer who previously worked at a Soros-financed global activist outfit, this reporter documented.”

    So the train wreck known as Barry Obama continues his war on America.

    • You know, he’s not spending his own money. He never does. Him and Hillary no better than beggers on the street when it comes to money.

    • oops Marcus I did not see you there when this first posted. Sorry.

      Unbelievable to me that a former president can do this to a duly elected sitting President. So brazenly without critical comment.

      • What do you expect from a moron, he has the mentality of a high school boy, he’s a hater of America and its people, always was. Dumb as dirt and the lowest of the low, a true communist.

      • Well, it bears repeating ;+}. You’re right. Obama’s radical, destructive behavior during his Presidency continues into his post-Presidency.

        It is unprecedented activity for a former President–that tells us what a bizarre, inelegant and untrustworthy individual Obama has always been and is now.

        We are really in new political geography with Obama’s bizarre antics. As always, “follow the money” is one of the tried and true clues to get to the bottom of it all–particularly with Obama.

        As important re uncovering Obama, are: 1. What is the complete network and affiliation of all the actors in Obama’s current efforts?; 2. Who is REALLY calling the shots in Obama’s efforts to destroy the Trump administration? Who is the capo in this scheme? Who is the consigliere? Who is the Boss of All Bosses? It sure ain’t Barry Obama, I promise you that. It goes much deeper than Obama.

  9. Kind of interesting that Michelle is still hanging around him. Guess she realized that her connection to those celebrities who are like life’s blood to her is dependent on being his wife.

  10. That’s rich; now he starts working, after an 8 year vacation/campaigning. He failed as president and now is working and meeting with billionaires. I am so sick of the left. Period.