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Assange: Clinton Pushing for a Pence Takeover

Well, I guess it depends on how you want to phrase it. “Takeover” sounds scary, but there is no doubt that Clinton and many others are hoping to undermine this president and would rather have Pence running things.

But the notion that anyone close to Pence is trying to unseat President Trump is laughable. That’s not who Pence is, far as I can tell.

WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange said on Tuesday, without offering any proof, that Hillary Clinton and intelligence officials “close to” Vice President Pence are working to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency in an effort to replace him with his vice president, the Washington Examiner reported.

In the first of a pair of tweets from an account WikiLeaks said was activated by its founder, Assange claimed that Trump’s 2016 presidential election opponent Hillary Clinton stated privately this month that she is “pushing for a Pence takeover.” He claimed Clinton views Pence as “predictable hence defeatable.”

Pence later called the tweets “absurd” and “offensive.”

22 Responses to Assange: Clinton Pushing for a Pence Takeover

  1. Keith, this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard of this plan. I see it in comments that people post to articles. Don’t dismiss it out of hand. I suspect the Dems think Trumpeters will accept another President, one in line to succeed, and Pence is the V.P.

    • Piggy Hillary Clinton still spreading poison around. She’s over, she’s done, she’s an old bag who is no better than a begger on the street when it comes to money. She should get over it already and play with her grandchildren as it is apparent she never does, her only dream is to extort more money from the Russians. By the way, where is her public hearing on Russia, Traitor McCain? McCain is obsessed with Trump and is so dumb that he spoke with and believed a man who said he was a high ranking Russian and was an imposter! Thats how dumb McCain is and does no work, only dreams of hurting Trump, OUR PRESIDENT!!! He should be impeached and jailed to stop him from his constant harassment of Trump who is OUR PRESIDENT!! I repeat! McCain so wants to destroy Trump, runs to CNN and MSNBC,with lies, with the liberals, a true traitor, Hey McCain, get retired with your dementia of the face.

  2. The scary part about this is that the Clinton’s could still have that kind of pull since their neutering and utter humiliation at the hands of DT.
    I know that sounds kind of naïve, but I wish these particular Vampires could just get the stake through the heart treatment, accept it and go permanently away.

    • Should be a 24/7 project. Get both Clinton and Obama. There are certainly grounds.

      But it is probably best to do the business of governing .

  3. What the Dems should be doing is getting their house in order. They are losing across the country and looking like loony leftists to all but the same.

    I hope they dig themselves a deep deep hole trying to bring down a duly elected sitting President in a constitutional Republic. And I hope the next term, a Republican President covers that hole, tamps it down hard, and covers it with cement. They still have not found Jimmy Hoffa.

    • I hope & pray all these loud-mouth, obnoxious, hateful and ignorant Dem-socialists of today (in politics-the Congress-the media) all go to Hell! :-)

      • These socialists, Bernie Sandors, fake indian Warren, etc. are brainwashing our children, so that socialism is on the rise! This is NOT A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. There will be lawsuits against fake Indian Warren and Sanders and the democratic socialist party for their trying to spread their filth socialist ideas to our children.

  4. Pence is far more politically correct, but I don’t think he is as predictable as they think.

    And is undeniably a loyal Trump supporter…

    I believe he is likely the most qualified VP we have had as a nation for some time.

  5. OT Obama spying on Trump

    Judge Nap: Obama ‘Went Outside Chain of Command,’ Used British Spy Agency to Surveil Trump

    Apparently “There’s no American fingerprints on this,” Napolitano said. “What happened to the guy who ordered this? Resigned three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated.”

    • …Thats how it works; get the chaps from GCHQ or 6 to follow OUR (Americans) politicans, and then the British share it with us…

  6. If true it’s because Clinton mistakenly thinks that Pence stab Trump in the back like she did to Bernie screwing him out of the Dem nomination.
    Ain’t gonna happen.
    Here’s an example of how the looney left doesn’t understand the order of succession.
    I’ve seen this posted on Twitter.
    Game plan.
    Impeach Trump on anything and remove him from office.
    Have a new election with Hillary as candidate.
    Then she becomes President.
    I guess civics isn’t taught anymore.

  7. These people are just itching for war. A real one.

    And if they don’t watch out, they’re going to get one.

    It’s very simple. Trump is President. Not my first choice, but that’s how it is.

    So if they continue to refuse the peaceful transfer of power, they shouldn’t act one bit surprised if they get a violent one instead.

    • Bingo!!

      I know I voted for Trump. If they want to see outrage, they will see outrage if DT is connived out of office.

      What the lefties fail to acknowledge is that ~50 million people voted for Trump. Tat sounds silly, but to hear them whine on, you would think that Trump is in office because 50 million people all mistakenly chose the identically wrong candidate.

      I voted for Trump and I meant to, and I don’t regret it. Furthermore, I am a masters-degreed engineer with a high IQ and a lot of life experience.

      Lefties? GET OVER IT. I did when O was elected, twice.

      • Oh, sometimes they try to put themselves in the place of Trump voters, “I understand you were attracted by his populist message,” “I see that you felt overlooked,” etc. Patronizing sh*t designed to keep themselves in the position as the ones who really know what’s best. Thanks, but I knew far more about Trump AND Hillary when I voted for Trump than you know about either now.

    • Trump is my first and only choice, but I fear that a violent revolution is the only way to stop this evil from the dumb socialist party. They don’t care a wit about our country and its people. Power is all they want, they have no sense of fairness in any way and they are viscious to the core of their being. Like I said above, the socialist party has become completely low-class,dumb as dirt, believe in abortion of human life and they want to let into America anyone and everyone, only for the vote, so that they can regain power and ruin the country. They care nothing for the refugees and the immigrants, they only want their votes to regain the power. The socialists dislike ORDINARY AMERICANS, they are anti-American because they are stupid and dumb regarding human life and babies and America and Americans. They want to destroy everything we stand for.

      • They see the U.S. as a geographic region without a history, not a nation. They want to get their hands on this territory and build their utopia on top of us. God protect us from that ambition.