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Hawaii Claims Trump Immigration Order is a Microaggression

This is great. Hawaii is claiming President Trump’s new immigration order hurts people’s feelings. I guess a judge could either scuttle the order or require Hawaii to create safe spaces for its Muslims.

The first state to file suit against the new order, Hawaii, has taken a new tack from the suit it filed on Feb. 3 against Trump’s original order, writes columnist Byron York. The new Hawaii suit, which will come before a federal judge on March 15, relies not only on claims of economic damages to the state resulting from the Trump order but also on claims of damages to Hawaii Muslims’ feelings and perceptions of the world.

The original Hawaii suit was simply the state versus the president and his administration. The new suit adds a new plaintiff, a man named Ismail Elshikh, who is identified as “an American citizen of Egyptian descent” who has lived in Hawaii for more than a decade and is now imam of the Muslim Association of Hawaii.

The Trump order “inflicts a grave injury” on Elshikh and other Muslims in Hawaii, the suit says, by subjecting them to “discrimination and second-class treatment.”

“The order denies them their right to associate with family members overseas,” the lawsuit alleges, and forces Elshikh and other Hawaii Muslims “to live in a country and in a state where there is the perception that the government has established a disfavored religion.”

22 Responses to Hawaii Claims Trump Immigration Order is a Microaggression

  1. Thank goodness there’s that big ocean between us and them. I’m really worried about perceptions and feelings, almost as much as feeding and taking care of my family. Morons.


    Just the title of this post made me laugh so hard, I spewed coffee all over my keyboard!

    • Microaggression?
      Here Hawaii, a real aggression.
      Sorry folks, I had to get ugly.
      Sometimes you have to give a swift kick in the ass so people’s brain start to work.

      • While I agree with your point, Hawaii is too far gone already. Maybe they can join California and remove themselves from the rest of OUR country.

  3. The island of 5-O, the majestic surf, the bikini dress code, the sway of grass skirts and millions of tourists would like to have as many Muslims as possible since their women wearing black head-to-toe sheets shouts – Come to visit us!
    The sound of the call to prayer will only enhance the laid-back, fun and surf, and exotic Hawaiian dances and dinners.

    Who are they kidding here. The native Hawaiians don’t even want White people to live there, much less a tribe of strange people who would only be offended by their island traditions and cuisine.

  4. I vaguely remember when the word “microaggression” began to build out. I laughed then. I laugh now. It is stupid.

    I also like one of its companions “appropriation” or maybe they say “exappropriation”

    • oops cut myself off. Anyway the other one I like is cultural appropriation or maybe expropriation. You know when a caucasian woman cannot wear braids or dreads. But it’s ok for black women to straighten their hair or dye it blonde.

      It can be very confusing.

      I would like to sit down with a snowflake and have them explain dialectical materialism. Or perhaps just start with the dialect.

  5. “Microaggression”, a prime example of the terrorism of the cult of the Progressive Left, playing the role of thought and behavior police. The definition will vary according to whose head the Progressive Lefties are trying to crown with the cultural dunce hat at any given moment. College students now say this: “Yes, Professor, I agree with everything you are telling us in your lectures. Excuse us for daring to have our own thoughts. It will never happen again. May I sit with the other students again? ” New Speak. Linguistic programming. Shaming.

    Homer no longer merely nods. He is actually fast asleep, and has been for some time now.

    Don’t underestimate this attempt at thought control. It’s been going on for 40 years in academia, in the corporate media. It’s a cautionary tale peddled to all of us that everyone must have the same thoughts, standards, values and core beliefs. Or else. We must all walk with the same cadence, laugh at the same jokes, smile at the same time, like the same things, hate the same things. Who is that knocking loudly at the door? Who dares open it? Are they wearing armbands? Do they look like they are angry at us? What have we done wrong? Will no one tell us?