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CBO Says 14 Million Would Lose Coverage; White House Says Not True

The White House is right that the CBO is can be wrong about these predictions. But the Democrats have a talking point, since CBO is nonpartisan.

The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare would result in 14 million more people without health coverage next year but reduce federal spending by $337 billion compared to current law, according to an estimate Monday from Congress’ official scorekeeper, the Washington Examiner reported.

About 24 million people would lose coverage over the next decade under the American Health Care Act, the Congressional Budget Office said Monday. But the plan would reduce taxes by $883 billion over the next decade.

The highly anticipated estimate holds major bearing on the task before President Trump and Republican House leaders, who are trying to sell their plan to roll back the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, revamp the way subsidies are given to people for buying private coverage and ditch the law’s taxes.

The CBO analysis is “not believable” and the agency “simply has it wrong,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

11 Responses to CBO Says 14 Million Would Lose Coverage; White House Says Not True

  1. No one has to “lose” anything. If they want health insurance, they can buy it for themselves.
    Get a job, a better job, two jobs or whatever it takes to insure themselves.
    If poor people, people on welfare, or people with low paying jobs can buy cars and cars insurance, then they can purchase some kind of health insurance.
    Us old fogies paid for health insurance all our working lives in addition to keeping Medicare afloat for those older then ourselves usually living on fixed incomes like Social Security.
    It wasn’t easy, nor was it cheap.

    I resent paying for health insurance for people who refuse to work or have squandered their free education so that no one will hire them. Call me cheap, call me mean, whatever, don’t care.

  2. This really is RyanCare, but since Donald Trump chose to support it, it will now be TrumpCare. He sees it as fulfilling a promise.

    That is the role Trump plays. But the larger role is played by the Republican Party and once again by Paul Ryan. They had 6 very very very long years to get this right.

    And they did not. It is pathetic.

    I think the President has been ill advised. And I think he has been mostly ill advised by Priebus — again.

    The CBO like every other department and office in WDC now is tainted. There is no non partisan department, agency or office.

    That said about the politics of Obamacare/Ryancare, I am in full agreement with srdem65.

  3. Obama Care took out many “affordable” plans that were available for people in case of a disaster…

    And it allows for states that want to give people free healthcare… What it also does, is limits the amount of $’s will be used to expand the Medicaid beyond what it was intended.

  4. Before we accept the CBO’s assessment on the impact of the “repeal and replacement” of ObamaCare, let’s have a several well known, outstanding independent accounting firms go through the numbers, test the reliability and appropriateness of the primary assumptions made by the CBO in their analysis. Let them all take a microscope through the CBO reasoning, critical path modeling and final conclusions. And then let’s see what these outside experts come up with. I’ll guarantee, there can be other conclusions which would challenge the CBO’s work. Until then, I’m not putting much weight on what the CBO is coming up with, though the Congress probably will.

  5. All insurance is marketed on fear. One of the great selling tools since the garden of Eden. “If I do, I will die!” Sales snake, ” no you won’t, I’ll guarantee it, plus you will even get smarter!” End of freedom end of story. Well we’ve been trying to crawl out of that hole for thousands of years.. Life lesson, “never trust the one who is selling!” Especially from a Snake!

  6. I saw this comment and it pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole healthcare thing. What we are doing is dithering, tinkering, etc. After all this time. BTW, heard the CBO numbers were wrong.

    It’s the 73rd day of 2017, when the GOP controls everything, and there is still no effort underway to repeal (that is to say, erase entirely from the U.S. Code) obamacare, despite 6 years of promises.