As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

25 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 12, 2017

  1. The commenter on a previous thread is obviously a Dem or Clinton supporter or just anti-Trump. It’s OK to criticize the POTUS, that’s an American tradition, but attacking or denigrating MrTrump supporters (other Americans) for their opinions is a Dem identifier that is offensive.
    He throws out “American values” as if he, and others like him, is permitted to determine what each of us values as free people.
    The elite Dems and their supporters have forgotten that name-calling and hatred is no way to win the hearts and minds of the other side.

    • My reply to the troll:
      Troll much?
      It was your buddy Obama that just sat by as the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.
      It was your BFF Obama that wanted gas prices and electric rates high.
      It was the traitor to the future Obama that oversaw the largest increase in debt of all previous POTUS.
      It is you and yours that tout “national values” without even an ounce of historical knowledge of what the foundational principles of this great nation are.
      I will defend to the death your right under the First Amendment to spew you lies and misinformation while taking yourself further down the rabbit hole of lunacy, but I will never sit idly by and let it go unchecked.

    • Of course they are. Anything MrTrump does that was or is a tradition in DC is now an outrage or a anti-American move.
      This continuous assault on anything the Trump administration does by the MSM is not working they way they hope it will. They even go as far as implying that Trump supporters are losing faith that he is going to do what he promised during the campaign – after a whole 3 months!
      Resist is their theme word. The Dems/MSM using that word is so telling – they don’t want their supporters to start to like or approve of anything MrTrump or his people do to improve or change anything.
      The anti-Trump people have to be alarmed at the corporations that have announced a new start in the US, shocked that the stock market is so vigorous, and unable to comprehend that change is inevitable. They want him to fail, fail in a most spectacular way.

      In a personal note; this is all unfair, wrong, and un-American. I’m sick at heart at the hatred, the constant attack on all of us.

  2. And this typical … LA Mayor Garcetti was just re-elected with an 80 per cent majority — of the lowest voter turnout in many a year.
    Doug McIntyre, writing in the Daily Breeze, said that LA County has had 700,000 attendees at various demonstrations, but only 300,000 of these idiots bothered to get up, go out and vote. O tempes mores (or something.)

    • It’s nice to see some semblance of logic in a liberal.
      Chris Plante, DC talk radio, said one school district in ? Arlington area closed the schools so the women could protest. To he!! With the kids & learning.

    • Great article! I read comments on many news articles about the day without women. Many women, especially single mothers, were upset they were expected to skip work and lose a day’s pay.

  3. There are reports and video of SNL using Ivanka Trump as a joke last night.
    I didn’t watch it last night, and I’m not watching a video of it today.
    We all know that if MrTrump was a Dem President, his family, his wife and children would be hailed as icons for the new Americans. Gushing editorials from Libs would be praising their fashion, their work ethic, their dedicated family interests, and we would be inundated with photos and video of their every move. MrsTrump would be their ‘poster woman’ for the immigrant population, his children would be hailed as great business people, and his son would be granted that silence that surrounded the Obama children.

      • Hope they are both well . x2

        This campaign and election must have been rough on Star. She’s politically savvy and sure she has found some good groups to hang with.

        A movie script? Wow.

  4. Post disappeared. In short, kudos to the author who focused on the correct thing.

    I am all for equality , especially equal pay. But if accommodations must be made, standards altered etc. so that someone can be “equal” and receive “equal pay”, then I might have problems.

    There should be no “ladies tee” in the workplace. And yes I am aware of the term ladies tee and how it is not about women.

    I feel badly for the feminists of old. They fought hard for real equality. I wonder what they think when they see the path these feminists have gone down. Gloria Steinem dishonors them by joining this bunch. IMO