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Sean Spicer Harangued While Shopping at Apple

This is the Left’s idea of civil discourse. The woman who did this is not that far removed from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They’d approve, as would Obama, who specifically condoned the rioting in the streets.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was accosted while shopping at an Apple store in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, the Washington Examiner reported.

“How does it feel to work for a fascist? Have you helped with the Russia stuff? Are you a criminal as well? Have you committed treason too, just like the president?” a woman filming Spicer asks.

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  1. They’d approve, as would Obama, who specifically condoned the rioting in the streets.

    Let’s not forget Loretta Lynchmob who recently implied / said that blood and death were necessary sometimes and acceptable.

    People who do this stuff in public, have no shame, no manners and certainly need to get a life outside of politics. And srdem65 is correct, not shocked.

    • All reprehensible questions, troll. Keep up these kind of thuggish and, ironically, fascist tactics and your side will continue its spiral into oblivion.

  2. What do they want, what is the end game for the disgruntled Dems, the MSM, the Repubs such as Sen McCain?
    If they are promoting civil war between Americans, can it be that evil or simple minded or is it more?
    From the moment MrTrump was declared the winner last November, the losing side has tried every trick, every device, going as far as trying to upend our democratic process to keep themselves in power by eliminating or degrading MrTrump’s right to sit in the White House.
    There hasn’t been anything of this scale in modern times here in our country, not anything even close to the hatred and dissent being fostered and cultivated by those who lost their seat at the table.
    The thought of Americans who are peaceful, those who accept the legal and rightful voting results can be pushed into retaliating against the insanely vicious atmosphere and that can only lead to the end of America as we know it.
    Is anyone of influence in the media, anyone of great influence in our established institutions willing to step up and condemn this insanity before the shooting starts and the end of civilized behavior is a reality?

  3. Netherlands has general elections on Wednesday and I guess ( and hope ) that Geert Wilders will gain many votes because of the turmoil that is going on there right now. Erdogan wants to send his ministers all over Europe to hold rallies for a Turkish referendum in April on expanding Erdogans power. But Netherlands said no, the ministers are not welcome, and Erdogan went crazy ( again….). He is threatening the Netherlands and calls the Dutch politicians fascists (!!). It is a diplomatic war. There are demonstrations and fights in both NL and Turkey. I say, let them fight, bring it on.This is proof. Proof that we should not have muslims/mosques in Europe. They are only accepted if they leave their veils and the Quran at home.One interesting thing is happening now. The feminist/HBTQ organisations have previously never critizised Muslims and their way of thinking/life, rather the contrary, which is very odd because the latter want to destroy and kill them. However, now, some of these organisations openly support Wilders. Never happened before. Yes !!! The awakening ! Maybe they at last remember the horrible murders of Tim Fortuyn ( 2002 ) and Theo van Gogh ( 2004 ).

    • I cross my fingers and say prayers that Mr. Wilders will win—-it will send a shockwave through Europe akin to Brexit and hopefully will influence voters in France and Germany too!

      • Yes it will, Son of Rusty S. I hope he will win too, that would be revolutionary, sensational, but a strong number of votes will be fine too. The politicians will then not be able to/allowed to, ignore him and his politics.

    • Hopefully American “feminists” will wake up to the Muslim treatment of women. I am not holding my breath. To date they have been clueless.

      • Grace, I would say that they are cowards. They know, they must know, but they dare not speak of it. Their easiest targets are, white, western males. They are the butt of all their insults and jokes. By the way, I love to read Camille Paglia, there is a feminist I respect.

  4. Although he is just doing his job as Press Secretary and should have a personal life as well without harassment, Daffy Donald has done nothing to try and bring Americans together. And freedom of speech is something everyone is entitled to. Not much different than what “famous ” people endure! I wonder if it was the Press Secretary for President Clinton, would this have happened?

    • No it wouldn’t—-conservatives are much too polite to go up and start harassing people trying to live their private lives. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech but nobody is entitled to harass people and accost them in a private business like this special snowflake did. The manager of the Apple store should’ve told her to take a hike because she was being disruptive.

    • “Daffy Donald has done nothing to try and bring Americans together.”

      Find a different news source, it will be to your benefit.

      He’s only been there for 50 days.
      The senate dems are the ones that are dragging the process out.

    • 1. It’s not the president’s job to bring people together. The last eight years was proof enough of that.

      2. Harassing someone who’s committing the heinous crime of shopping at a store has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

      3. Keep pushing incidents like this, boy. You have no idea what’s coming down the pike.

  5. Mr. Spicer showed great restraint and courtesy by not responding to that ignorant young woman. He has better manners and more patience than she will ever have.

  6. Of course, would it be that SHE was the one being harassed, it would have been abuse and she would have sued him for mental anguish.


  7. I’d clock the little bitch if I were him. She should be lucky.
    Hopefully, will recognize her voice and she’ll go the route of the retard that harassed the girl at Chick Fil A a couple years ago.

  8. The problem is that all of these ppl are being taught by Vietnam Era professors. It’s the continuation of the the 60’s and peace and love and all that crap. The world is a nasty place and they can’t see it. Throw in the mix the idea that the world owes them something, and this is what you get.