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Trump Meets with Senior Aides to Discuss Economy, National Security

President Trump went to the Trump National Golf Club in the Virginia suburbs of Washington for a lunchtime meeting with to aides to talk about the economy, health care, and national security matters.

The White House Press Pool was escorted to what appeared to be the main clubhouse at 1:00 pm. After being led up some stairs, the pool was escorted into a dining room where the president was seated at a table for what he described as “part of a cabinet meeting” for lunch to discuss the military and other things.

Present at the table were White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his fiancée, sSecretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and his wife and Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin and his wife.

“POTUS wanted to take some key members of his team out and have a working lunch to talk about the economy, some of the issues we’re dealing with,” Spicer said. “Homeland security, obviously — General Kelly is updating him on some of the steps he’s taking with respect to the executive order on immigration. They’re talking about healthcare and the repeal and replace effort and continuing strategy to work with Congress to see that forward.

The president said “the economy is doing very, very well,” adding, “We really had a mess and it’s getting straightened out.”

Trump said “Secret Service did a fantastic job last night” adding that “it was a troubled person” in relation to last night’s breach, in which an intruder with a backpack made it nearly to the South Portico of the White House.

15 thoughts on “Trump Meets with Senior Aides to Discuss Economy, National Security”

  1. Wow. The Other Guy didn’t even know the names of the people in his cabinet and now a Real Working President shows how it’s done.

    1. With some Cabinet members, unlike Obama who was with sycophant junior aides and the same old and presumably only friend. Plus where was the press stashed when Obama was on a golf course? Or were they even allowed to report that he was on a golf course? Surely they never got invited to a dining room or a club house. Heck, once I think a reporter was made to wait in a closet.

      I hope Trump is on, at or near a golf course as often or more than Obama so you can see what it’s like. Only this President around golf is often times business and pleasure.

    2. Well he certainly can’t have meetings in the WH or anywhere in the Swamp. He is spied upon, leaked etc. Distant locations seem to be more secure. How pathetic is that, all you Obama/Clinton peeps and the enabling MSM?

  2. What? Trump has been in office going on two months, so the economy is getting “straightened out”? To hear Trump talk before the election, the economy was in terrible shape, even though we were at near full employment and wages were starting to rise. Since his election, the stock market–riding on short-sighted high expectations–has hit record highs. Give it time. We’ll see an increase in inflation and interest rates, high tax cuts for the wealthy that will allow them to accumulate more of our nation’s wealth, gas prices going up, high–I think, record high–deficit spending, no huge influx of manufacturing jobs returning from overseas, and eventually another bad recession. But the more bad things that happen in the Trump administration, the more our “deflector in chief” points his finger and blames others, and the more outlandish charges and allegations he makes to take attention off himself, while, with knee jerk reactions, his followers swallow his lies. After two years of this, I’ve come to believe that he can say anything, tell any lie, and his followers will still support him. I never knew there was such a large segment of the American population that was so gullible.
    Trump is an inveterate liar who will take credit for a blue sky on a sunny day, then holler “fake news” if the press reports that the sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light. And Trump supporters would become enraged when the press failed to credit their hero for the blue sky.
    Trump supporters are trading our national values for the pie-in-the-sky materialism promised by Donald Trump, along with a self-defeating “America first” outlook and a return to some mythical time of past prosperity and greatness.

    1. When Obama was in office and the economy in the tank and no jobs to be had, the Left continually pointed to the market and how well it was doing.

      Now, not so much.

    2. Troll much?
      It was your buddy Obama that just sat by as the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.
      It was your BFF Obama that wanted gas prices and electric rates high.
      It was the traitor to the future Obama that oversaw the largest increase in debt of all previous POTUS.
      It is you and yours that tout “national values” without even an ounce of historical knowledge of what the foundational principles of this great nation are.
      I will defend to the death your right under the First Amendment to spew you lies and misinformation while taking yourself further down the rabbit hole of lunacy, but I will never sit idly by and let it go unchecked.

    3. Carl Walter: “I never knew…”
      You spent all that yak-yak building up your anti-Trump fantasy land where you are all-knowing and all-seeing when it comes to the stock market, interest rates, gasoline prices, manufacturing jobs, etc. Then you torpedo your own proferred omniscience with, “I never knew…”

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