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Trump Privately Reveals Second Health Care Bill May Emerge Next Week

This is the one that would require 60 votes in the Senate.

President Trump told a closed-door meeting of grassroots conservative leaders on Wednesday to expect another, companion healthcare bill to hit the House as early as next week, according to sources present for the meeting, the Washington Examiner reported.

The new legislation would differ from the plan presently working its way through the House in that it would not proceed through budget reconciliation and would therefore require cloture in the Senate. Because Republicans intend to pass the healthcare bill introduced this week using budgetary procedures, they will only need a simple majority to shepherd it through the Senate, where the new piece of healthcare legislation would need at least 60 votes to survive.

In public, the White House has sought to soothe skeptical Republicans by promising the contentious Obamacare reform plan put forward by GOP leadership on Monday was just the first of three phases that will eventually make up its repeal and replace strategy. The second phase, according to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, will focus on “regulatory modification,” and the third will involve the introduction of additional legislation at some point in the future.

2 Responses to Trump Privately Reveals Second Health Care Bill May Emerge Next Week

  1. As the new or revised Health Care bill works itself through Congress, Republicans should take a page from Pelosi when ObamaCare was moving through Congress: to wit: ban all Democrats from deliberation of the bill and change the locks on the conference room doors to keep the D’s out Sounds fair.

  2. I am no Rand Paul fan, but I do like his approach to this. I hope Trump got some good information and ideas from Paul and Cruz.

    His dinners with colleagues. Congress, CEO and others pay off. In the past and now.

    Although I am certain Obama benefited from the opinions of the sports and arts and entertainment industries, Yeah right.