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Cover Up? IRS Sitting on Thousands of Tea Party-Targeting Documents

What’s in these? Why weren’t they released ? What was the Obama administration covering up?

The IRS has told a federal court that they’ve recently identified almost 7,000 more documents that could contain information on how the agency targeted the tax-exempt applications of Tea Party organizations or other conservative political groups starting back in 2010, according to a court document, the Washington Examiner reported.

But IRS in the document would not commit to a timeline for releasing the documents.

The revelation of thousands of unreleased documents was made in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that specializes in filing, and in many instances litigating, FOIA requests.

For Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, the admission from the IRS represents a significant breakthrough. “Our attorneys knew that there were more records to be searched but the Obama IRS ignored this issue for years,” Fitton said in a press release.

14 thoughts on “Cover Up? IRS Sitting on Thousands of Tea Party-Targeting Documents”

  1. The Obama administration was like a house of horrors, secrets everywhere they didn’t want anyone to see. If MrsClinton had been elected, the secrets would have been safe and remained hidden.
    When MrTrump won, sirens and bells went off in a lot of offices throughout DC alerting everyone that nothing is safe anymore. He could have access to everything, open the secret, locked doors where the horrors are covered up.
    The risks so many took after the election to invalidate the votes, to twist the legal electors into Clinton voters, and the subsequent Russian-hack theme were all meant to either remove MrTrump or cause him to hunker down inside the White House.

    Now it seems that the constant attacks claiming malfeasance with what is claimed to be transcripts of private conversations allowed MrTrump to let his enemies have as much rope as they wanted, until – he pulled on the rope and tightened it around their necks. Fear must be spreading in the enemy camps as MrTrump demands Congressional hearings, and the new WikiLeaks revelations all will lead to improper use of the legal system by many agencies and pull the curtain down on the dirty tricks by the Obama minions.
    Interesting times.

    1. Interesting times indeed. And this small point re. the wiretaps:
      :…(Again, a very important point of distinction. Team Obama denied having ordered the Trump wiretap. It hasn’t denied having approved of the Trump wiretap. See the difference?)….”

      I hope you are right srdem65 that they are running scared. Not Comey though — over at Politico there is an article about Comey that I did not read where he arrogantly proclaims that he will be around for the full 6 years.

  2. OT: about this new Obamacare repeal
    As this plays out in the press and on every TV, the Art of the Deal comes to mind. No one likes this bill, Dem or Repub. It’s either too much or not enough.
    Did MrTrump’s people push legislation that would fail so that he could present what he really wants and have the Repubs come on board? The Dems won’t go for anything, but if all the Repubs are aligned, the whole thing could be dismantled.

      1. Grace, oh, I believe she is too, coming all that long way from Slovenia and making it in the US. By the way, she looked stunning ( as usual ) in that little black dress, was it Ralph Lauren again ? Someone noticed that the president has lost some weight since the election. And yes, I believe he has. Well, presidents always lose weight, but usually much later on. But Trump never had a “honeymoon”, mean and deceitful Obama made sure of that. However, Trump will probably look ten years younger soon. And be fit for fighting.

    1. I am on the fence. The Republicans I think should have been so well prepared and yet ….

      In 6 years it has tentacles everywhere and is complex. Typical Obama.

      My understanding is poor. But I think the Repeal has to be done with Reconciliation but not really sure.

      And then it will be replaced in phases or stages. I don’t trust the Republicans to do anything in phases.

      And part of me is convinced this is a power play dig in your heels maneuver by Paul Ryan. Trump is probably doing the best he can, but there should have been more — like buying across state lines.

      And once we amend, change, repeal, touch Obamacare it transfers from 100%Democrat to Republicans.

        Grace, a power play dig maneuvered by Ryan, yes, that is what Rand Paul thinks too. This is an interesting interview. Paul says that Ryan is trying to ” pull the wool over the eyes of the president “. I have always liked Rand Paul and I trust him in these difficult matters. He must be a great friend to have in Congress for the president.

      2. Unless in school, I want those 26 year old snowflakes out, working and providing their own insurance. Its called “personal responsibility”. If all else fails, join the military and they will provide the doctors.

  3. Tea Party was the biggest threat to Obama’s re-election, even the GOPe wanted them stopped. Payback was getting Trump elected !

  4. IRS has always had an aversion to maintaining records of its “activities.” Thus, having to provide them to outsiders is anathema to their power structure. See the book UNBRIDLED POWER by Shelley Davis, the IRS’ first, last and only historian.

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