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Conservatives Looking for a Deal on Obamacare Replacement

This is the one chance to change Obamacare. Speaker Ryan has abandoned many principles. Conservatives should be careful before they abandon theirs.

Conservatives in the House and Senate haven’t given up hope that they can reshape Republican Obamacare replacement legislation to be more to their liking, despite mixed signals from the White House and congressional leadership,” reports columnist Jim Antle.

“What we have now is an opening bid,” Rep. Mark ┬áSanford, R-S.C., said during a Tuesday press conference in reference to the American Health Care Act unveiled by top Republicans. Sanford appealed to the president’s reputation as a tough negotiator.

“Inasmuch as President Trump views many things as a negotiation, I’m quite sure he would rarely take any party’s opening bid,” he added. “The debate that is forming will allow conservatives to enhance and improve what has been proposed, and I think this could represent a win for patients, healthcare providers, and the taxpayer alike.”

Right now, the most conservative members of Congress appear to be on a collision course with the rest of their party. Conservatives would like the clean Obamacare repeal language of 2015 to be the starting point, not the bill introduced Monday that some called “Obamacare Lite.”

10 thoughts on “Conservatives Looking for a Deal on Obamacare Replacement”

  1. It’s hard for the public to be for or against this act when we haven’t seen it yet.
    Those who are for it pick the good things, those who are against it pick the bad things.
    Until or unless the Repubs can get 60 votes in the Senate, nothing of value will happen. Fighting each other over wording or intent is a lose/lose for all of us.
    My vote: Pass the dang thing, keep working on it and maybe we’ll get it right.

    1. srdem I received an email from Ryan with a pdf of the bill attached or at least 123 pages of it. I also believe it is available somewhere on line.

      The article I linked below also reiterates your point. Without 60 votes there is little we can do. Just keep working on it. This, of course, requires an enormous amount of faith that PDT wants what we all want re Repoal and Replace and that he can persuade the elites in Congress to reliquish their attachment to big government and power.

    2. At the press briefing yesterday Sean Spicer made it clear that this new bill is only part one of a three part work in progress.
      HHS Price deftly handled the press’s gotcha question’s.
      Sean is sharp, he also wasn’t tricked.
      Example. A reporter asked if he believed that Trump was “wiretapped”?
      Reply, “I’m here to represent the President of the United States, not to express my views, next question.”
      I watch over at

      1. I have that also. For sure the 123 pp beats the thousands that contained the original bought to us by Pelosi and Reid on behalf of their Leader Barack Obama and cleared by our Chief Justice John Roberts.

        It is good that we can read it at our leisure at home.

  2. More about RynoCare and the Repeal of Obamacare. I have been open about my opposition to the bill that just came out. But I am also need to be informed. In addition to Keith’s reporting on this there is another article linked below.

    This article does an excellent job of what can and cannot be done and the process for doing so. Like always there is much procedure and rule. CT is a very pro Trump site so there is that, but overall the article is well informed , well written, with good links.

  3. Repealing and replacing Obamacare.
    Reminds of a running dog finally catching the car, having chasing it for 7 long years, and now not knowing what to do next.

  4. “Speaker Ryan has abandoned many principles.” — REALLY?

    Gee, would it be that he was practically a “lap dog” to Obama during his administration, and that he accepted 10’s of millions of dollars in campaign and PAC funding from billionaire/globalist [and now “enemy of the state”] George Soros? And how about the same level of funding from Big Pharma? Do you think for even a New York second that this in not affecting what the Obama/Hillary-care replacement will look like? REALLY?

    The problem here is not the GOP, or the Tea Party people, or the conservatives– it’s PAUL RYAN as SPEAKER. Who in the HELL thought THAT was a Great Idea?

    Paul Ryan is a traitorous, back-stabbing, duplicitous SNAKE (just like Reince Priebus), and should be treated as a “globalist enemy inside the gates”.

    If you want ObummerCare to be repealed and replaced, then have the house replace Paul Ryan with a REAL conservative (perhaps from the Tea Party).

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