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Rand Paul: House Obamacare Bill Will Not Pass

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul promised the healthcare plan proposed by House GOP leadership would not pass the Senate and become law because it’s just “Obamacare lite,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Paul told Fox News he has serious problems with the plan, especially the replacement for the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Paul said there will still be a mandate, of sorts, in the bill but instead of paying the government a penalty for backing out of a health insurance plan that payment would go to private insurance companies.

“This is, in all likelihood, unconstitutional and could destroy the whole repeal program,” he said.

The taxes under the Affordable Care Act stay in place for another year, the individual mandate is still there but in a different form and the so-called “Cadillac tax,” a 40 percent tax on employer-based healthcare plans with more than $10,200 premiums, stays in place forever, he said.

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    • I agree with you. And with this comment. After 6 years, this should have been all shiny and awaiting approval. But, nope we are going to do it the Ryan/McConnell way — in dribs and drabs under the guise that it is “complex” and “complicated”. In the end, the Republican product will probably be as long and cumbersome and expensive as the Democrat one that was rammed down our throats. 6 years and it looks they are just starting. Anyway, I stand with this.

      1 – repeal the entire law and let it sunset over a period of a year, 18 months.
      2 – go back to status quo before 2010.
      3 – allow sales of policies across state lines.
      4 – root out all the corruption, fraud, waste in Medicare and Medicaid, and pass on the savings to those who are genuinely too poor/indigent to afford insurance and want it.

      Let the free market work.

  1. Fact today the Rep’s have a bill to vote on and will do so. Needing only 52 yes to pass.

    Rand Paul needs to shut up and quit speculating.

    Trump has alread said they are not enforcing the IRS provision.

    • Yes, but 8 years from now, Trump will be out of office, and if the “mandate” is still there, then they *CAN* reinstate enforcement, and then go after you for BACK TAXES with penalties and interest !!! The individual mandate needs to be REMOVED. If it’s in the bill in *ANY* form, then the bill should not be ratified, and the President should *VETO* it!

  2. Sen Paul should quit whining and take his father’s advice to buy some apocalypse supplies. Take to the woods, Senator!
    The Dems have seriously poisoned the well of our health care and ruined the health insurance industry. It can’t be cleaned up with one bold stroke if all our health care and insurance is covered in minute detail from birth to death.
    It took years for all of the reforms to finalize, so throwing the whole thing away in a snap won’t work – too many people will be hurt, worse than now with the current legislation.
    The thing that keeps this going is the entitlement aspect that allows minimum payments from one group who won’t be happy to have to sacrifice now. For every family that is paying massive monthly payments, there is another one paying almost nothing for the same coverage.

    I don’t know where this is going, but the Dems keep hoping everyone will throw in the towel and say – OK, single payer.

  3. Thanks for this report. I have always liked Rand Paul, he is just the opposite of creepy politicians like McCain, Graham, Schumer…. the list is long.

    • In case you didn’t know, “enemy of the state” (and billionaire globalist) George Soros gave 10’s of millions to McCain, Graham, Schumer, Pelosi, and Ryan– either in their campaign funds or their PAC funds. These people are TRAITORS to the USA and the American People. Don’t take my word for it– Check it out for yourself!

  4. My *MAIN* objection to Hillary/Obama Care is the “individual mandate” (in whatever form it’s in– and no, you can’t fool us). This is antithetical to freedom and liberty. President Trump should *VETO* any bill sent to him that has an individual mandate (in *ANY* form).

    The reason that this is happening, is that Paul Ryan is a RINO, and a globalist. Paul Ryan’s puppet strings are controlled by Big Pharma and George Soros [who was just declared an “enemy of the state”]. Don’t believe me? Check the public records for the list of high-dollar donors to Paul Ryan’s campaign and PAC funds.

    We already know how to “fix” ObummerCare– REPEAL IT, and REPLACE IT with a bill that allows for competition (where insurance companies can service clients across state lines). Also, add HSA accounts that “roll over” from year to year, so that most health costs become a tax credit. This is the bill that the Senate sent to the house– and now the house is screwing it all up (thanks to Paul Ryan).

    The people of Wisconsin should immediately begin a RECALL election to remove the “Traitor of the House” Paul Ryan, and then (maybe) we will get someone that is not tied to the globalists.

    When are the House Republicans going to understand that The People elected Trump because we wanted the changes that he promised– and if they are unwilling to “play ball” with what Trump is trying to do, then they can and will be replaced in the very next election cycle (or can be recalled). Better get with the “program” House Republicans!

    • If you like your majority, you can keep your majority, as the community organizer in chief might have put it.

      Donald Trump was the electorate’s final warning to Washington, and Paul Ryan thinks it’s business as usual. Un-freaking-believeable.

      • Along those lines (and not to be disparaging to NPs) I saw this, mocking Obama.

        If you like your Nurse Practioner, you can keep your Nurse Practioner.


      • Glad you benefited. I think he is a she, but not all that sure. And, it’s not important.

        There is a group he/she (HA!) “runs with”. Anyway, we’re all out here.

        • Very, very interesting, Grace. Thank you, you certainly know where to find interesting articles.
          I bookmarked it too, it is so informative that it has to be digested in smaller pieces.