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Pelosi Attacks the Press, and No One Cares

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi actually suggested reporters were the “accomplices” of the Russians in undermining the election by reporting on the hacked DNC emails. Hardly a peep our of the press. Now, imagine if someone else we know did this . . .

“Pelosi said this weekend that journalists were wrong to report on the content of the stolen emails,” reported Becket Adams.

“Instead of printing every email that came out, and saying this comes to you from Vladimir Putin, they were, hah, hah, hah, John Podesta said this or that,” the House minority leader griped this weekend.

Reporting on the leaked emails was worse than just wasted time, Pelosi continued. It actually benefited Russia’s attempts to interfere in the election, meaning reporters acted as accomplices, she added.

“I think the press were accomplices in the undermining of our election by the Russians by not pointing out this stuff is worthless because it comes from an undermining of our election, or at least reminding the public where this – these emails, the leaking of these e-mails came from,” she said.

12 thoughts on “Pelosi Attacks the Press, and No One Cares”

  1. Wait. Is she saying the emails were from Putin? uh. OK.
    Let’s say someone cares what she says about anything, so she’s accusing the MSM of not identifying the actual writer of the emails even though it was clear they came from John Podesta. Or does she mean they were Russian emails.
    Now I get it. The Russians hacked into MrPodesta’s emails to the Dems or MrsClinton and revealed how smarmy and crooked they were and that caused 62 million people to vote for Donald Trump. Or does she mean that MrPutin wrote the emails.

    I need an adult beverage.

    1. I love you srdem! you have it on target! Please keep posting as I am somewhat of a ” lurker” and I love all you write and always read both this site and the motis site!

    2. This Pelosi woman? is so crazy!!! She has to be on diet pills or other drugs. What she says comes out of a cheap novel, with no reality, no common sense or decency to continue to make up stories about who? The Russians made the dems lose the election? Please, 62 million Americans voted for Trump. Its no wonder everyone hates the democrat/communists now, they are completly viscious liars about our government and our new President? In simple talk, Pelosi can’t even lie right, she tells fantastical stories all the time? I really think she’s just plain crazy now. She’s got a visciousness that no one else has when she talks. Her explanations sound more like the ramblings of a mental patient. She doesn’t make any sense, just tells lies and stories like she’s in a play with all her dramatics. Doesn’t add up, nothing she says.

    3. I believe I read recently that Nancy Pelosi was named the official village idiot of the House of Representatives. But I could be wrong. Probably not wrong. ;+}

  2. She’s a straight up loon.

    The 2018 midterms are shaping up to be a disaster for what’s “left” of the Democratic party.

  3. When they reelected her as Speaker it was clear that the Democrat Party was done, finished, no longer functioning and had no plans for the future as a viable political party with a legislative component.

  4. I think when they made her they didn’t put in rechargeable batteries…so when this set conks out we should be in good shape.

  5. How many times is the election going to be revisited? This is old bat is nutter than a loon. Double up on those meds Nancy. It’s painfully obvious you need it.

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