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The Evidence Trump was Spied On

No evidence? Here is some evidence.

From the Washington Examiner:

There was a succession of two Foreign Intelligence Act Court requests made by the FBI in June and October of 2016. The first FISA request, which named Trump personally, was denied by the court for insufficient probable cause. The second was granted four months later to allow the FBI to examine and investigate members of “US persons in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia,” after evidence of a server possibly related to the Trump campaign and two banks was presented. With the target being a server, does it matter whether or not Trump was wiretapped, as he stated, or if the spying was done by infiltrating the server to look into emails and documents? Spying is spying.

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  1. Maybe this is what Bill and Loretta were talking about on the tarmac in Phoenix. Of course after inquiring about the grandkids. Most transparent administration in history my arse.

  2. Love how the media treats Trump as a bona-fide loon, while the same media bowed at the altar of Obama and are still bowing. How ironic it is that government was investigating Trump’s servers, but couldn’t investigate Hillary’s issues, whom was a member of the government? Shameless.

  3. Yea, the liars Clapper and Josh Earnest and others in the Obama camp are using the word “wiretapped” in their hysterical, all day long, repeated constantly by the media rump swabs. They are all saying, “There was no wiretapping”. They are NOT saying there was no electronic surveillance, you will note.

    Wiretapping is very 1960’s, no? What honorable traitor and spy physically taps into (“shunting” is the proper terminology) into physical telephone wires these days? No one, that’s who. There are much easier, more efficient ways to get the job done in the 21st century.The modern electronics surveillance techniques are so sophisticated now, you can do electronic surveillance with a laptop from your grandmother’s bathroom. Your boss in the eavesdropping business you work for would laugh you out of the office you if you suggested to him that you wanted to “wiretap” someone. And then he’d fire you for being stupid enough to ask for such a thing.

    So that’s why the enemies of the Trump administration and the media keep using the term “wiretapped”. There probably wasn’t any “wiretapping” as properly defined, but there sure as hell was electronic surveillance, per the FISA request, and likely some that wasn’t covered in the FISA. You can bet on that.

    1. Yeah, brace yourself for the “I did not wiretap Trump” defense. …to avoid admitting that they did use modern techniques to surveil him…

    1. No question about it. It was likely a combination of human and electronic surveillance intelligence from sources in the government, including some people inside the intelligence agencies. There’s no other way. As the Obama gang and the media keep denying there was such surveillance, how did they get secure information only available by such methods. It’s like the kid who has cookie residue all over his face denying that he got into the cookie jar. What a bunch of amateurs.

  4. There will be a lot of word salading as the Democrats and thugs and crooks try to hide away from their illegal acts.

    Of course, there is evidence as Keith points out. And if this evidence was a Republican spying on a Democrat there would be huge blowback and wailing.

    But it’s President Trump and the scumbags will demand more. And if there is one shred, one scintilla, one smidgen of rock solid, indisputable evidence then they should go after it hard and make the entire house crumble.

    Unfortunately days later some very capable military dog will sniff Obama out of the rubble.

    Good on Trump for keeping the pressure on. Follows it up with the travel ban, very carefully. But out there. A few days ago it was all Sessions.

    And poor Mika I hear she was almost in tears.

      1. So, if I’m reading that right, either

        a) the conversations were foreign intel material, therefore highly classified, therefore whoever leaked them has committed a felony; OR

        b) There was no foreign intel material, therefore it was required by law to be destroyed, therefore whoever retained the recordings has committed a felony.

        So they’re screwed either way. Love it!

    1. Word is that they have to routinely use smelling salts to revive her from the fainting spells she suffers when she thinks about Trump winning and Hillary’s losing the election. Maybe it’s just a rumor. ;+}

      1. I never watch it. But I know the background of the Brezinskis and Mika has never had even the faintest brush with reality. Heck she probably is attracted to Joe (there have been rumors) because she thinks he is one of those “bad boys”. I don’t know.

        Don’t have tv anymore, but think most of the credible reporting and opinions can be found on FBN. Which reminds me — have to check in on Lou Dobbs and what he is saying about all this.

        1. I don’t even have cable. I’ve got, as yet, too unlived of a life to waste my time sitting on my duff and letting Tinseltown insult my intelligence.

        2. Son of Rusty Shackleford

          Hear, hear! Ever since the RNC last year I gave up on my former network of choice, FNC and switched to FBN. FBN and TCM are all I watch anymore, and with Robert Osborne’s sad passing yesterday I’ll probably give up on TCM soon too.

    1. And Dobbs further asks Where are the Republicans? Where is their outrage at this attack of their Party’s leader and this country’s President?

      Dobbs — Comey “emotionally unstable”.

  5. He did it! The former “President” spied on James Rosen and James Rosen’s parents (what a creep that Obama is to spy on his parents?) and Obama spied on Angela Merkel of Germany and she found out and he apoligized to her, remember that? And there must be hundreds of people he spied on, like the sneaky snake that he is. He spied on Trump’s campaign of course, and he spied on Flynn talking to the Vice President and ruined Flynn’s career (which Obama is famous at, he loves to ruin people that don’t like him, bad or sick guy, thats for sure). Obama should be handcuffed, taken to jail and then have a trial and be sentenced like all the other criminals. Obama has no right to wiretap and listen to anyone! Words can’t describe how sneaky he is and he always lets other people take the fall for him, I don’t have a clue why they would help an evil, immature moron like him, he is the bad seed that never grew up and has only hate in his heart, he should never have been our President and in reality he never was, he hates America and its Americans. Is there any doubt that he tapped Trump? He has the history of doing it all the time. And we know he tried to do it once and was turned down for no evidence for Trump, but then Obama made up the Russian stories against Trump just to get the tap and it worked and then Obama listened to not only Trump but Flynn, and all the others on the campaign. If Obama isn’t a criminal and isn’t arrested, then we know there is a conspiracy with FBI, CIA, etc. No one would get away with it. Isn’t that nice that we had a President who acted like a mafia chief (a weak one). Obama is responsible for a lot of death and destruction in America, Israel and the Middle East. Hitler’s ghost.

  6. Trump can declassify the two Foreign Intelligence Act Court requests within seconds. Why does he not?
    It may be because they do not exist … Plus, the FBI said this never happened.

    1. Given that the FBI refused to charge Hillary Clinton, and that most of the same bunch that let her skate are still running the show over there, the FBI’s status as a qualified authority is open to dispute.

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