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10 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 5, 2017

  1. Good morning all! First pot of coffee already down to last cup and by the looks of the news a second one’s definitely going to be needed.
    Had a post speech column all ready for deadline Thursday noon when the Sessions news broke. Got an extension till Friday morning to re-write and then the wire tap broke yesterday.
    Talk about “times, they are a changin”.
    Anyhow, here’s today’s Globe column. It’s on Sessions but also calls for a Special Prosecutor with limited scope.
    In my mind anyway, it’s the only way we’re ever going to get the media to stop the headline hype and get to the bottom of the leaks and put the leakers in jail. What say you WHD denizens?

  2. Keith, gentle suggestion, why not combine the weekend Trump schedules with your weekend threads?


    Trump Schedule Saturday Open Thread
    Trump Schedule Sunday Open Thread