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Trump Schedule || Saturday, March 4, 2017

4:00 pm || Participates in a National Security Council briefing; Mar-a-Lago, West Palm Beach
7:30 pm || Has dinner with Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross; Mar-a-Lago

All times Eastern

17 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Saturday, March 4, 2017”

    1. Jesus, more millions of taxpayer dollars wasted and local businesses disrupted so that Trump can hunker down at Mar-a-Lago AGAIN? Try staying in the WH for a change, and while you’re at it, how about telling that lazy, worthless wife of yours to join you there?

  1. It’s great to see a President who actually works–every day, in fact, it looks like–after suffering through eight years of the laziest, most arrogant, dishonest and clueless grifter Presidents in American history.

    1. Obama was on vacation everyday he wasn’t trying to destroy America ! Now it seems he’s trying to overthrow a sitting President to protect his awful legacy.

  2. Keith, not that I want you working weekends, but Trump added a lot more guests to that dinner. Looks like a War Room meeting to me ;)

    1. Yes, it’s a busy evening for the POTUS:

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions is slated to attend a dinner with President Trump and other administration officials on Saturday night at the president’s private Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the White House said.


      Sessions will attend the dinner along with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, White House counsel Don McGahn and senior advisor Stephen Miller, according to the White House.

      Sessions and Kelly will meet with Trump prior to the dinner.

    2. Obama – $85 Million in vacation travel expenses over 8 years (10.6 million per year)

      Presidential travel did not directly enrich President Obama or his family

      First golf trip after 4 months

      Did not make a point of criticising W. Bush for golfing or vacationing

      Now Trump –

      over $12 million spent, in just the first 6 weeks! that’s on pace for $104 million a year!

      Mar-A-Lago visits promote trump’s brand and he personally profits as he charges the gov’t for rooms at the estate. That means, us the tax payers, are putting money into Trumps pockets

      First golf trip after 2 weeks

      And finally, Trump wrote 22 tweets criticising Obama for golfing and 21 tweets complaining about him vacationing and the expense.

      Hypocrite much?

        1. Oh I’m sorry? Does that invalidate the information on it? Oh no, it doesn’t? Then what’s your point? You’re just saying that you’re ok with the hypocrisy. Great! Glad to know you’re allergic to actual facts….

          1. You are sorry indeed…even your retort included memes and buzzwords. Post an original thought and not copy & pasted talking points…I dare you.

          2. My response had memes in it? Uhhhh, do you know what a meme is? The sad bit is that deep down you know you’re wrong. Each passing day you see it more difficult to stand up for Trump, but instead of admitting you’re wrong, you decide to entrench yourself deeper, cover your ears, and lash out at anyone who reports anything that goes against your perception or worldview. It’s like having an an intervention for an alcoholic. The alcoholic will immediately become enraged, then lash out at the people who put a mirror to the alcoholic’s face. They tell the alcoholic how he’s self-destructive and hurting the people around him. Trump is hurting America. The insane amount of hate crimes, how divided the country is, the high possibility that he committed Treason. Until you come to terms with that, you’re only gonna rationalize his behavior until the point where you actually won’t even care if Putin himself starts calling the shots just as long as Trump is still in the picture….

        1. The tweets you can look up yourself. It’s on Trump’s twitter feed.

          The cost of each trip to Mar a lago:

          You can search on Google and you’ll see sources from the NYT, Vox, politico, fortune, etc. All showing you the price. Remember, Trump is in Florida playing golf nearly every weekend

          That’s for protecting his “wife” whom doesn’t want to move to the white house. You can see that Trump charges the secret service for rooms at his properties. Not as a discount but actually at a markup. That means he makes money off of you and me, the tax payer

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