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Why Trump Will Not Fire Sessions

Nice piece by columnist Jim Antle describing why President Trump needs Sessions and will not let him go.

From the article:

Sessions is a much more important figure in Trumpworld than ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn ever was. The administration is layered with his associates. Deputy White House chief of staff Rick Dearborn and senior adviser Stephen Miller were top Sessions staffers.

Trump’s immigration policy, a critical part of his appeal during the primaries and the general election campaign, was shaped substantially by Sessions. Sessions arguably played as big a role in guiding Trump toward nationalism and populism as chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

Trump has stayed loyal to embattled underlings in the past. He stuck by campaign manager Corey Lewandowski amidst simple battery charges. Flynn misled Vice President Pence, but in this situation there is no divided loyalty.

4 thoughts on “Why Trump Will Not Fire Sessions”

  1. Fight the bastards! Enough of this nonsense! Maybe its time to investagae Obama and his lack of proper identification?
    Maybe he could be deported back to where ever it is he came from! Maylaisa or Kenya!

    How about sending Hilary to jail too?

    1. I agree it’s time to fight. While browsing a few minutes ago, I noticed a Reuters headline link stating VP Pence used a private email address while governor of Indiana.

      It’s going to be something new every day…it will never end.

      1. And It’s all coordinated, planned and scheduled. The questions a proper media would ask are: Who’s coordinating this? Who is funding this effort? etc. We have a pretty idea of who some of the actors are, and some of the activist groups. What are the networks of groups directing this effort?

  2. Oh for God’s sake, there is no reason to fire Sessions. The fact that this is even a topic of discussion is , in my opinion, ridiculous. As long as the Left dictates the story and we join in the less progress we make. We lose good people by bowing to the people who lost. Makes no sense.

    Barack Obama did not fire Holder, Lynch when there was clearly cause. No one even questioned Valerie Jarrett.

    For 30 years or so Trump walked the streets of NY without anyone calling him a racist, or an anti semite. Now overnight, he is both. For about the same amount of time Jeff Sessions performed his duties admirably , with honor and skill. Now overnight, he is a racist, a collaborator with the Russians and probably a pedophile. Although the last one has not yet broken through the barriers and risen to the top.

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