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Trump Schedule || Friday, March 3, 2017

10:25 am || Departs White House
12:50 pm || Arrives Orlando, Florida
1:35 pm || Meets with parents, teachers and students at Saint Andrew Catholic School; Orlando
3:20 pm || Departs Orlando
4:05 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach
7:00 pm || Attends the RNC Spring Retreat Dinner; Palm Beach

All times Eastern

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    So after the attacks on Sessions, who will be next ?
    Rebecca Monsour writes in the link above: “They want to strip Trump of his signature issues by peeling away his key aides. They want to make him into a business-donor-class type like Mitt Romney.”
    The big trophy would of course be Bannon. But without Bannon, what is left of Trumpism ?
    Here in Europe, we are desperate for a new approach on Russia, Islamism, EU/NATO and secure borders. We need the help of Trump/Bannon.

  2. I am in moderation because of the previous comment.
    While in jail I want to explain how the European Deep State works. Marine Le Pen, the controversial French presidential candidate, posted, after a debate about Islamism, some graphic images of ISIS murders, including the beheading of James Foley, with the exclamation, this is ISIS, this is how they are. On request of “French judiciary”, EU lifted her parliamentary immunity and made her accessable for criminal charges.There is some French law against publishing violence.
    But, you know, she showed the grim truth, she showed what the elites do not want the people to be aware of. That our countries are not protected, that they have let in Islamists, capable of violence beyond belief.Presidential elections are coming up in France. They, the globalist elites, want to stop Marine Le Pen with whatever means.

  3. I call this the Trump Effect.

    Decrease in Haitian/African immigration

    By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

    Immigration authorities report a sharp decrease in the amount of Haitians and Africans entering the country illegally since the beginning of this year.

    According to the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería, only 633 undocumented people from those areas have gotten into the country. Most of them are coming from Panamá with their desired final destination being the United States.

    They are being granted a temporary permit for 50 days so they can apply for another migratory status while living in shelters where their basic needs are met, immigration authorities said.

    Authorities consider that this could be the remainder of the 18,000-strong immigration wave that entered Costa Rican soil during the second half of 2016 and created a humanitarian crisis at Peñas Blancas, along the northern border with neighbor Nicaragua. This crisis has been reported extensively in the past.
    They also believe that many of them were temporary workers of the Olympic Games that took place in Brazil in 2016.

    From those in the latest group, only a few have accepted the refugee status in Costa Rica. The vast majority prefer to request that status once in the United States.

    According to the 2016 data, Salvadorans and Venezuelans are the top two nationals who seek refugee status in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is defined by the United Nations’ refugee agency as a refugee status determination country, which means the government of Costa Rica is primarily responsible for determining the status of asylum seekers.

  4. The Democrats are targeting Pence and Kushner now. It will never end. George Bush is not helping. Silent for 8 years of Obama’s shredding of the constitution and law and order, he is now speaking out against the Trump Administration. I regret my votes for him.

    1. Interplanetary Cosmic law of the Universe both seen and unseen. You can live life good and straight, then say or do something stupid at the end of that life. Guess what you are remembered for. Your last act.
      G.W. Bush was served better keeping his trap shut. Succumbed to the microphone disease. The compulsion to speak when a mic is shoved in your face..There is a time to zip it. But, once the words come out it’s too late.

      1. I was actually shocked when George Bush made his comments. As Grace said, he was stone cold silent regarding Obama’s destructive antics and in spite of all the lousy things Obama said about him. Very disappointing.

        1. What specifically was destructive during Obama’s time? His administration saving the auto industry? His administration capturing and killing Bin Laden? Passing healthcare reform?

  5. Thanks for the articles, Snark & OT. Does this mean that things we often see here in the US regarding various ISIS (or other) atrocities are not shown in Europe at all?

  6. For some reason it doesn’t bother me that Trump wants to go home every weekend. My goodness, the hours he puts in at the WH during the week, thank goodness he gives the WH staff a break ;) Probably the DC based USSS too.

    I can’t wait to find out who he golfs with this weekend. After 8 years of Obama playing with junior staffers, T makes it diplomacy.

    1. It bothered you when Obama went on vacation though right? But Trump, not so much huh? It’s costing New Yorkers $30 Million a month to protect his building since his mail order bride doesn’t want to leave, but that’s cool right

        1. Sarah, you still have time to realize Trump is a con man and may have committed treason. He is compromised by the Russians who are bent on destroying our democracy. Please don’t choose party over country. Trump doesn’t attend any security briefings because he doesn’t care about the country. He only cares about himself and whatever the Russians promised him

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