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Trump has “100 Percent” Confidence in Sessions

Trump will not abandon Sessions easily, and neither will Republicans, because conservatives know he is key to their plans to stop the change in the culture and reverse the disrespect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday he has “total” confidence in Attorney General Jeff Sessions amid some calls by Democrats for Sessions’ resignation or recusal from any Russia-related probe.

The president’s comment came after Sessions had come under fire late Wednesday evening for failing to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee about two interactions he had with Russia’s ambassador to the United States prior to the election.

The former Alabama senator reportedly met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisylak in July and September 2016, while he was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sessions has denied that any meetings between him and Kisylak took place, telling NBC News Thursday morning that such claims are “unbelievable” and reiterating that he will only recuse himself from a Justice Department investigation into Trump associates and Russia “whenever it’s appropriate” for him to do so.

22 thoughts on “Trump has “100 Percent” Confidence in Sessions”

  1. They know that going directly at President Trump would end their careers, so they apparently plan to keep forcing out his political appointees until he finally appoints pliant lackeys, lackeys who will ask “how high?” whenever Democrats say “jump.”

    The wickedness of the party of Obama and Clinton knows no bounds.

    1. And we have certain members of the intelligence communities–with allegiance to Obama’s agenda– leaking classified information to the corporate press about who is meeting with whom and what is being said–all of which is spun and morphed in a manner calculated to create “outrage”, charges of malfeasance and demands for resignation, recusement, etc. on the part of President Trump’s appointees. In other words, there is a well funded, completely coordinated campaign to destroy the proper function of the Executive Branch of the government of the United States, an act of sabotage and insurrection.

      This is coming directly from Obama and his associates (OFA), the entrenched Congressional Democrats, the Soros bunch, etc., as Barry continues his life long war with the United States, the US Constitution, the nation’s institution, and its safety and security of the nation. Jeff Sessions, as AG, would normally be at the head of any investigation of these traitors and their cohorts, so, of course, in the eyes of these enemies of America, he is a prime target, and has to be politically assassinated.

    1. Agreed. And all this just a couple of days after the president’s excellent speech. The Dems (and complicit Repubs) are going to obstruct and attempt to destroy for every minute of the next four years.

      1. Where’s Wikileaks when you need them? I’ll bet that somewhere on their servers and hard drives, Wikileaks has the emails and memos which can expose this conspiracy to destroy the Trump administration. Just a matter of time before they release them, I hope.

        1. We shouldn’t have to rely on Wikileaks…Trump is president and the Republicans have control of both houses – yet, on some days, it feels like Obama and the Dems are still in charge.

        2. Wikileaks may have been tactically helpful during the campaign, but Julian Assange bears more than a passing resemblance to Julian Sark on “Alias,” and his allegiance is just as flexible.

          A useful slimeball is still a slimeball.

  2. Time for Trump to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the relationship between secretary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Important. And a pushback to the Dems. Racketeering charges, RICO.

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