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Zinke Confirmed as Interior Secretary

Some of the extreme Democratic foot-dragging on President Trump’s nominees appears to be subsiding at last, with the Secretary of the Interior approved today and a vote on Ben Carson’s nomination to be HUD Secretary set for Thursday. Democrats are complaining that Trump isn’t doing enough on Capitol Hill, but they won’t give him the staff to get anything done.

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Rep. Ryan Zinke as President Trump’s first secretary of the interior, the Washington Examiner reported.

The Montana Republican won a relatively easy confirmation vote on the Senate floor, 68 to 31, although most Democrats voted against him.

As interior secretary, Zinke will oversee energy development on federal lands and waters, the protection of endangered species and the operation of the country’s national parks.

5 Responses to Zinke Confirmed as Interior Secretary

  1. It seems as though the Democrats are stuck in a time warp. 09 Nov 2016 to be exact.
    They are like little kids who think if they continue their temper tantrum long enough they will get what they want.
    So embarrassing for them and such a disservice to the American people.
    We should respect these people and pay their huge salaries for doing crap like this?
    I don’t think so.

  2. How the Demo rats can sit on their hands when the President calls for cooperation and making america a better place is insane.

    Dems are Anti America! They want to make this country a combo of Mexinsane, US, and Canada….Just say NO !!

    • I don’t see what the hold up on Ben Carson has been all about. Does he not know enough about being a minority in inner city housing??

      Dems hurt themselves last night, between booing VOICE, not applauding for job creation, and not standing for the widow of the fallen hero. My many Liberal friends on Facebook have been (thankfully!) silent for the last 18 hours.

      • Well, last night revealed, again, that the Democrat party of our parents and grandparents is not the Democrat party of today. The Democrat party of old is long gone, having begun its treacherous path in the 1960’s. What we have now in Pelosi, Schumer and Elizabeth Warren et al are politicians so removed from the American experience and the US Constitution, so lost in their own egos, so obviously in opposition to our interests, that they would have been laughed out of the Congress in a saner era. Now we have an obnoxious gaggle of self serving, politically corrupt liars, deceivers and anarchists. They are actively promoting an anti-American agenda, with no foundation in our history, our laws, our traditions and our cultural values. They proved that, once again, last night.