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Twitter Erupts Over Photo of Kellyanne Conway on Oval Office Couch

I dunno. I like this photo. Apparently, a lot of Washington journalists who never complained about Obama’s feet on the desk in the Oval Office are appalled.

From the Washington Examiner:

A photo showing senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway kneeling on an Oval Office couch in a dress was too much for Twitter users to handle.

The Agency France-Presse tweeted the photo Monday after President Trump met with dozens of leaders of historically black colleges in the Oval Office.

Conway was looking at her cellphone after taking a photo of the group, according to the AFP.

21 Responses to Twitter Erupts Over Photo of Kellyanne Conway on Oval Office Couch

  1. Was she hopping around in a gunny sack before she landed on the couch? If not, then there’s no there there.
    What exactly is going on with journalists who cover the WhiteHouse and Congress?
    The anti-Trump crowd is sneering because they claim he hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises, then complain when he does.
    It’s long past time for these professionals to step back, reassess their thoughts and stop whining about everything.

    • Since the internet is forever, many of the Obamas’ faux pas have been showing up today. Lots of feet and furniture involved.

      Between the media, Dems and NeverTrumpers, the constant bashing of this young administration is getting tiring!

      • Constant bashing is one thing. It’s the thing of spoiled children and the Democrat Party. Dangerous threats to nominees’ families causing them to withdraw is quite another. This is the thing of the power hungry and now increasingly dangerous front organizations of the Democrat Party.

        These people are becoming dangerous as we are distracted by the ridiculous.

        The reason behind Pudzer’s withdrawal. I am sickened by this and sick of the left.

  2. Well the entire story is that she still has her high heels on and they are digging into the back of the white couch. I think she was very tacky sitting on someone else’s furniture with her shoes on and sitting like that in a room full of professionals. It’s okay if she sits on a couch with her shoes on if it is in her OWN home.

    I like Kellyanne but some of the things she does baffles me and others.

    But other than that I’m doing well and it certainly didn’t ruin my day.

  3. I so don’t care. As Keith mentioned, the MSM didn’t give a crap about Barry’s feet on the desk (which happened often!) By shirking its duty the past eight years, the MSM has forfeited its right to b*tch about things like this now.

  4. Kelly Anne can sit any old way she wants as far as I’m concerned…..excellent flexibility by the way…Far more important is President Trump standing firm on immigration and no amnesty. These pictures of KA are just a diversion.

  5. Even WaPo called this an overreaction nothing burger, she was merely setting up to take a group photo. Other photos show the sequence, so this one photo is out of context.

    This isn’t the official Trump furniture yet, on loan from the WH Warehouse of Presidential throw-aways. :)

    Here’s a blog by a very enthusiastic blogger, but her photos are fabulous.

  6. Wasn’t the one of many complaints was that he was a racist sexist blah blah whatever?? A picture tells a million words, you go girl.

  7. The difference between Barack and Kellyanne is that Barack disrespected and despised America to the core of his being. Kellyanne loves America and no disrespect intended.

  8. What is all the freaking fuss about. I see nothing wrong with this photo. Dummocrats are pre-programmed to complain about every damn thing except all of the inconsistencies in their policies and bahavior. Whatever!

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