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Trump to Seek $54 billion Increase in Defense Spending

Just a down payment on what we need after eight years of neglect.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump plans to ask Congress for a $54 billion increase in defense spending and a reduction in non-defense spending by the same amount when the White House submits its 2018 budget next month.

An Office of Management and Budget official told reporters on a conference call Monday morning that the administration plans to pay for a 10 percent increase in defense spending by slashing foreign aid and funding for domestic discretionary programs.

16 thoughts on “Trump to Seek $54 billion Increase in Defense Spending”

  1. Sounds good! We print money and give it to country’s that hate us. Who thought that was a good idea?
    Obozo just gave Iran 4 times that much and we got…..hmmmm nothing!

    America First!!!!!

  2. I hope President Trump does not forget that the military needs support from the DoD civilian employees.
    We just got hit with the hiring freeze stick. It is crippling some of the support services that serve the military families.
    I can see cutting some of the deadwood out of useless departments like the EPA, Education, IRS, etc., but please, a little judiciousness is needed here.

  3. OT: Russia
    When did Russia become our mortal enemy that no one can talk to any Russian national about anything?
    The press briefing today and some congressional hearing are about “Russian contacts by Trump people”.
    I get that we’re not all that friendly with the Russians, but did I miss something that happened to make this a giant foo-for-all?

  4. Am I reading this right? With this increase the total military budget will be $600 billion. Now compare that ti Ivanka’s $500 billion child care program

    1. Fresh out of college with a working husband and myself, we needed child care. I know times were different, but I found a local lady that did child care from her home. With vastly different schedules (no photo cams or cell phones like today) either of us could go there at any time. Her prices were reasonable and the children were always well taken care of). It was our responsibility. Ivanka just needs a cause and this is it. She is “acting first lady” and all first ladies have their cause.

      1. I won’t disgree about the cause. I am reluctant to make it a government program. And I do not agree that Ivanka Trump should be proposing it or talking to Congress or be “acting First Lady”, I voted for Donald Trump and his wife, not his daughter. If he wants to appoint her to some official position like he did her husband that is one thing, but in general I do not approve of this.

        1. The difference between the military and child care is that the military is a need whereas federal child care is a want. When the government goes about doing something the question that should be asked is, “Is this a want or a need?”.

  5. They need to blackball university researchers who have not finished they previous grants on time. They also need to require that a multi year award have proportional effort in each year. I am seeing a trend to do little work until the final year.

  6. Someone needs to sit down with PRES. Trump and SECDEF Mattis and explain to them the sad state of my US Navy…
    -Too many useless Admirals & their bloated staffs.
    -millions off $ & man-hours training spent on a ‘social justice-diversity-LGBT’ crap!
    -the useless class of LCS! and Zummwalt!
    -hundreds of Navy aircraft that cant fly combat because maintenance & parts!

    1. Agreed. The Navy cuts have been horrible. Also nominee Secy of Navy declines. Hope someone even better comes in. Committed to rebuilding the Navy, as well as the rest of the purged Armed Forces.

  7. “….and a reduction in non-defense spending by the same amount”

    Yea. Dems accuse him of cutting at poor people’s entitlement expense. But no so — lots of admin cuts and changes. I heard a good discussion — less or no money to NEA, including PBS, and Teachers Association (union I think), bureaucrat personnel cutbacks and department cutbacks or elimination (looking at you EPA). A lot of ways to cut.

    The Republicans will do as much screaming and obstacle building as the Democrats.

  8. he needs to get rid of Obamacare and stop health insurance ties to employment and throw the industry to free market like auto insurance. we did not elect him to be a cowboy Reagan clone. and we are sick of “extensions of politics.”

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