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Saturday Open Thread || February 25, 2017



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    • Thanks, I’ll mention it to the family.
      If us grownups want to watch something amazing and inspirational – uTube has a collection of Election Night broadcasts at all of the MSM.
      Some are 7 hours long, but you can FF if you like.
      It’s like a movie. You watch as the smug, sneering faces start to get longer and longer until the end.
      IMO, if you recall, they waited and waited to call the election for MrTrump even though he had the lead and was going to be POTUS. I caught someone on MSNBC saying – there’s go to be more votes in some of these areas.
      More votes for MrsClinton is what she meant.

    • By the way, for anyone interested, Perez has a long liberal record prior to being Labor Secretary in Obummer’s second term.

      He was an Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department in the Clinton years, and then again in Obummer’s first term where he was involved in the New Black Panthers case, the Trayvon Martin investigation, and in challenging voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas. Among much more both during the Obummer years and in his career between the Clinton years and Obummer:

      • Perez – not as dangerous as Ellison but dangerous nonetheless.

        The Left is angry that the Russkies intervened in the DNC election and that Ellison lost. Ellison had so much going for him — anti Semite, Muslim, racist, hates the US, is a member of the Socialist Democrat Party of the US, like so many Democrats are, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Nation of Islam. Should have been a shoe in, like Hillary. Damn Russkies.

  1. Trump, did we make a mistake? what a disaster, I think he may be impeached sooner than later

    I like Pence tho, I always did when I saw his debate

    Pence 2017

    I think the DT is over-he should move along, things are getting ridiculous and he tried but he can’t get anything done the way things are