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Democratic Study: Democrats Need White Voters

Well, they’re moving sharply to the left, after already . . . moving sharply to the left, so that’s bad news for them.

From the Washington Examiner:

Democrats may be their own worst enemy when it comes to trying to rebuild their party into a more inclusive entity that can take back Congress and the White House, according to a new study.

The centrist Democratic think tank Third Way released a study called, “Why Demography is not Destiny,” which argued that the Democrats’ strategy of building durable majorities with the support of rising non-white demographics is simply not viable.

The Democratic Party’s sharp left turn on cultural issues has driven the white working class, for generations the bulwark of its support, out of the party.

14 Responses to Democratic Study: Democrats Need White Voters

  1. They had White people supporting them 8 years ago. What they got was a WhiteHouse full of Black racial justice supporters who used their time in office to cram every liberal/progressive dream down our throats and demand that we sit and take it. While they embraced illegal aliens as cheap labor and possibly future Dem voters, we were aghast. They told us that Islam was the Religon of Peace and that we shouldn’t believe our lyin’ eyes.
    We didn’t like that at all.
    Good luck courting White voters who have been educated and organized to fight for the country we like, not their idea of a , well , whatever they envision – a global dumping ground

  2. My elderly parents, life long Democrats and lovers of FDR, voted republican in November. Both said they never thought they would, but just couldn’t support HRC and the democrat party.

  3. The leaders of the Democrat party are, it would seem, happily committing political suicide. They are using the same old ill-conceived analysis of their problems and issues, the same tired and counterproductive tactics from the 1960’s, the same guaranteed-to-fail strategies. They are absolutely dooming their anticipated success. It’s just an amazing phenomenon to watch them get completely tangled up in their own underwear.

    • Absolutely amazing.
      And yet I read pundits bitching, “why isn’t Trump moving faster on his campaign promises”?
      The wheels are turning slowly, but as they turn, their grinding.

  4. Well the top dog democrats could begin by putting great distance between their ideology and all the mayhem protest and riots. Then speak softly and coherently to the public. Then be very open to sit down with the republicans and work out some solid legislation. Standing at a microphone 2000 miles away just adds more assurance to the conservatives the democrats are disconnected from reality. Open air bitching gets you nowhere. Chucky Schumer is a prime example of a child like attitude. Nothing wrong with disagreement, or disappointment at an outcome. But soon one has to realize bitching about it won’t get me back into the game. At some point the democrats must come to the table of reconciliation. And the administration, congressional republicans, must welcome them at the table. If the liberal democrats show this in a sincere way. It seems to me..