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Obamacare Replacement Would Roll Back Medicaid Expansion

A leaked draft of a House bill to repeal and replace Obamacare fills in important new details of how Republicans would remake the healthcare law, the Washington Examiner reported.

The discussion draft, which is dated Feb. 10, envisions phasing out big parts of the Affordable Care Act by 2020, including rolling back its Medicaid expansion and switching its insurance subsidies from income-based to age-based.

It also seeks to ease regulations on insurers, eliminating the federal list of essential health benefits they must cover and directing states to write the rules instead. It allows insurers to charge older people up to five times what they charge younger people, instead of just three times. And while it gets rid of the law’s mandates to buy coverage, it says insurers may charge consumers 30 percent more in premiums if they don’t maintain continuous coverage.

11 Responses to Obamacare Replacement Would Roll Back Medicaid Expansion

  1. Wow. This just sounds so much better than ObamaCrap. Not.
    I’ve got a good idea. Just get the government out of the whole business of insurance. That is not one of the jobs government is mandated to do according to the Constitution.
    Government does a crappy job of most of what they touch. Just stop already.

  2. Eliminating all federal benefits and monies to illegals would return a lot of money to allow us to deal with some of the problems associated with Obamacare.

  3. I am so F*kn fed up with this whole deal my insurance through my husband’s job is private but because of Ocare it is HORRIBLE

    sky high deductible and premiums

  4. Please, tell us that’s a draft found by Nancy Pelosi that somehow found it’s way onto her desk.
    That is the most horrible idea for changing Obamacare that it has to be fake or some kind of bad joke.
    REPEAL THE WHOLE MESS. Send health insurance back to the private sector, allow them to sell across state lines. If the government wants to mandate existing medical conditions or some other item, go for it.
    Leave insurance to the pros.

  5. Amazing the Republicans continue to screw this up, especially after having all this time to prepare for this moment.

    All I know is I’m tired of paying for vision care for my non-existent children…and maternity coverage that I will likely never need!

  6. “The discussion draft, which is dated Feb. 10”

    it is a draft, who knows how far it will go or if trump has even seen it or knows what is in it. pun intended

    what a mess, he can’t win for losing

    hope it gets better

    • Cindy Lu – You’re absolutely right – “discussion draft” is not carved in stone. My Dad used to say, “Don’t holler until you’re hurt.”