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Pence Says Trump’s Connection to Americans Compares to Reagan’s

It’s true. The silent majority has spoken again. And this time, the silent majority won’t even admit it to pollsters. But they now when the country is headed off a cliff and want to do something about it.

Vice President Mike Pence told thousands of conservative activists Thursday evening that President Trump has succeeded in giving a voice to most Americans like no other Republican leader “since Reagan,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“From the outset, our president reminded me of somebody else,” Pence, alluding to the 40th president, said in remarks at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I believe he has given voice to the aspirations and frustrations of the American people like no one since Reagan,” he added.

Pence, who was awarded the Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award, said he knew from the moment he agreed to serve as Trump’s second-in-command that “our president would reignite [the conservative] cause and renew it in our own day.”

5 Responses to Pence Says Trump’s Connection to Americans Compares to Reagan’s

  1. I agree Trump is great at explaining his principles.I hope other Republicans will learn from him how to stand up to the opposition and proudly defend conservative principles instead of hiding them or apologizing for them – explaining why they help everyone including the poor.

    One problem with the polls was that they adjusted their results according to incorrect estimates of republican and democratic turnout.

  2. Reagan again.
    The Repubs are falling back into the old narrative that always fails. The voters didn’t think ‘let’s vote Repub this time’. They voted in the biggest, loudest protest against the status quo candidates, and the most direct way to notify DC that they don’t like progressive agendas.
    MrReagan was a nice, get along guy, MrTrump is not. MrTrump is a new, novel force that the voters are hoping will reverse the progressive moves that hardly anyone wanted but were forced upon them.
    The latest progresive move to bite the dust is the offensive and unpopular school bathroom issue. Would a PresReagan do what PresTrump did – reverse the directive? Would he have faced the coming attacks from the MSM/Dems?
    Don’t think so.

    • Agree. Trump is sui generis–unique, both personally and politically. He’s exactly what was needed to blow up the Clinton machine. Cruz and other others would have been eaten alive, eventually, by the Clintons and their fish-faced, pursed lips sycophants in the media. Trump took every insult, every incoming political mortar shell the Progressives and the corrupt corporate media had in their bag of tricks and laughed it off. He gave as good as he got and even better. He smacked all the little boys and girls, who thought they were so much smarter and more clever than Trump is, so hard they are still in the recovery room at the local hospital political recovery room. What worked to destroy McCain and Romney just didn’t work to destroy Trump.

  3. President Trump is an interesting blend of Theodore Roosevelt and Gen. George Patton. He captures the public imagination, creates a lot of jealous enemies, makes “did-he-actually-say that?” comments, mocks political correctness, calls ’em as he sees ’em. Most importantly, he is highly focused on problem solving, courageous in the face of enormous hostility from the media and political elites, and speaks the everyday language of normal people He is absolutely tenacious in his goal oriented management style and sets a high bar for those who report to him. What’s not to admire? For the hard core on-the-radio conservatives who keep bleating that Trump is not a conservative, he’s assembled the most conservative Cabinet and WH staff since Ronald Reagan, perhaps even more so. So there we are.