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Cruz Forecasts Second Supreme Court Opening by Summer

I would expect violent protest, at a minimum, from the Left if there is a second opening and President Trump nominates a true conservative. They simply will not accept a change in the balance of the Court.

Sen. Ted Cruz predicted Thursday that President Trump will have the ability to fill a second vacancy on the Supreme Court in 2017, the Washington Examiner reported.

“I think we’ll have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer,” Cruz said at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “If that happens, as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full Armageddon meltdown because the next vacancy is where we’ll have the ability to act and restore basic Constitution protections.”

The Texas Republican didn’t elaborate on who he believes will be leaving the court, although Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy is reportedly thinking about retirement.

9 Responses to Cruz Forecasts Second Supreme Court Opening by Summer

  1. Left/right shouldn’t be a consideration to decide who upholds our constitution.
    The SCOTUS that invented new “rights” not mentioned in our constitution should have been impeached.
    Let them ignite, blow up, protest, riot, deface or destroy private property, we won.
    As MrObama loved to demonstrate – the winner calls the shots.

    • Not only is Justice Kennedy looking at retirement, as he should, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83 and has survived stomach and pancreatic cancer. President Trump will likely nominate three SCJ in his first term. If the Democrats don’t like it, set term limits.

  2. If the president would really nominated a truly biased conservative candidate for the supreme court then the democrats would have to agree that a literalist is a fair compromise. It would set a precedent for repbulicans demanding that the democrats nominate literalists when it is their turn. It is a bizarre double standard that the democrats nominate biased liberals and complain that the republicans nominate literalists not biased conservatives.

  3. OT: Let us not forget of all the sacrifices by all our service members.

    The Medal of Honor was awarded to 27 U.S. Marines and U.S. sailors (14 posthumously), during the battle of Iwo Jima. 22 medals were presented to Marines (12 posthumously) and 5 were presented to sailors, 4 of whom were hospital corpsmen (2 posthumously) attached to Marine infantry units; 22 Medals of Honor was 28% of the 82 awarded to Marines in World War II.[73]

  4. OT: Press briefings
    wow. Talk about must see TV. I like the additions of Skype for questions from others around the country. It would be better if they all had some serious questions that weren’t gotchas.
    MrSpicer is forced to answer the same questions over and over.
    Thanks to MrK, we have the Obama era Press briefings to compare with the shark attacks we see now in the briefing room.

    So far, no one has asked what MrTrump finds charming about the WhiteHouse or if he has his NCAA basketball grid filled out yet.

  5. Violent protests by the left. What else is new? It’s like being called racist. Been there done that .Going to take a lot more to bring down Trump, Bannon, Sessions,Conway & Co.