As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Thursday, February 23, 2017

10:00 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
10:30 am || Meets with manufacturing CEOs; State Dining Room
12:15 pm || Speaks with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau by phone
2:30 pm || Holds a meeting on domestic and international human trafficking; Roosevelt Room
8:30 pm || Attends a dinner with The Business Council; Washington

All times Eastern

23 Responses to Trump Schedule || Thursday, February 23, 2017

  1. CNN strafed the Trump family last night with an opinion piece on the “plastic feminist” activities and demeanor of the President’s wife and daughter.
    Calling them by name, the opinion’s only goal seems to be to inflame and goad the President into saying or doing something rash to defend his family from the uncalled for attack.
    This isn’t Freedom of the Press, this isn’t an opinion about politics, this is an offensive and hateful attack on two women who’s crime or fault seems to be that one of them is MrTrump’s daughter and the other is his wife and mother of his son.
    For all their self-righteous protests they are a legitimate and necessary part of our democratic system and a purveyor of the news important to the people of America, the thin mask falls to reveal a true enemy of us all.

    • I hope that Trump ignores them. No angry tweets. I believe that it was Kennedy SR, Joe Kennedy, who said “don´t get mad, get even”. Wasn´t he quite clever in the political games ? IMHO Trump should use any tool he has, and I guess he has many, to hurt this channel and these mean people instead.

    • You may already know this, but for those who don’t, James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, is today releasing hundreds of hours of material about CNN and its corrupt inner workings during the Presidential election. Apparently, someone inside CNN was so sickened by the complete corruption within CNN re the election, that he/she couldn’t stand it anymore. So the whistle was blown.

      Can’t you see the dozens of overpaid CNN lawyers, big shots and assorted human trash at CNN huddled around a big, expensive wooden table screaming at each other, “What do we do now??? Who talked to James O’Keefe??? Who do we sue???? Who can we pay off to make this all go away???? Where can we hide????

      At any rate, this will be an interesting day for the propagandists over at CNN. The story is they’ve hired a janitorial company to continually wipe up the flop sweat puddling on the floor as the day’s panic meetings go on. But maybe that’s only a rumor. ;+}

    • she’s (Melani) at least asserting her own desire to be the first lady she wants to be, not the one a sexist history demands.

      oh the horror of it! How could they say such a thing –

      The story is completely true! Not one fake fact or made up stories

      – you nutcases that want “media to shut up” as President Bannon requested. You seem to be happy just to lick the boots of Trump and blindly go off the bridge he is taking OUR country over!

      Wake the F UP!

    Today Mattias Karlsson and Jimmy Åkesson, leaders of the rising party Sverige Demokraterna,the only real opposition party, have written an article in Wall Street Journal. They give Trump their support, they write that he is right, Swedish migrant politics create big problems.
    This has gotten a lot of attention over here. Most ordinary taxpayers are glad of the attention our problems are given, the MSM not so happy. Oh, but it feels like these people, the MSM, got a big slap in their lying faces right now. How they deserve it. Love it !
    ( I am not sure if the links are working properly, most links are in Swedish. Sorry. ).

    • The MSM seems to be the same everywhere. They lie and obfuscate, create ill will, and encourage the snowflakes and “social justice warriors” to riot, destroy property, and attack those who don’t agree with their sick delusions.

      • Agree. The corporate media is so consistently and widely politicized to the left of center that they are completely useless as a source of reliable information on much of anything.

        Luckily, we have many other sources of information from all sides of the political spectrum and can assemble, eventually, a far more well-rounded story than, say the NYT, the WP or even the WSJ can. But all that takes time, and many people who are still in the full time working and parenting stages don’t have that kind of time to spend in researching current events.

    • You raise a story that you can’t even be sure about what it says, as it’s in Swedish. How responsible of you.

      Are you in Sweden? Im in the UK where responsible parliament debated whether to even give Trump a “state visit” because they find him – my favorite word “deplorable”

      • What do you mean, Paige Price ? I am Swedish and live in Sweden. Here it is sensational that Karlsson/Åkesson got published in WSJ in this controversial matter. Of course I have read what it is all about.And heard about in the radio. This discussion is more and more in the open right now, thanks to Trump. I provided the link to WSJ. I am sorry the links didn´t work, but just Google.

    • Thanks SWL. Keep us posted and good luck getting your country back on track. Good to know you have politicians or people who will fight your MSM.

  3. Did any news come out of the meeting on domestic and international human trafficking? I haven’t seen anything. Not even a tweet from the president.