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Trump Axes Obama Transgender Bathroom Rule

President Trump’s administration notified the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it would withdraw guidance regarding transgender students at issue in a hot-button Supreme Court case, the Washington Examiner reported.

The letter from Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler said the Justice and Education Departments removed an Obama administration directive regarding how schools should deal with transgender students’ bathroom usage.

The Obama administration’s guidance called on public schools nationwide to allow transgender students to choose the bathroom facility according to their self-professed gender identity and threatened to block federal funding from schools that didn’t comply.

Under Trump’s guidance, states will now be able to individually interpret whether the protections under the Education Amendments Act’s Title IX apply to transgender students.

2 thoughts on “Trump Axes Obama Transgender Bathroom Rule”

  1. Good. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know exactly how many transgender students there actually are in the USA? I suspect they are a very tiny percentage of the population. One wonders why Barry was so adamant about passing this ridiculous “rule”. Was it to satisfy his close friends? Or perhaps to please his “wife”?

    1. Reportedly DeVos balked at this. Surprised me.

      DeVoss does not hae much political experience, but Trump needs people who will back him publicly. If they cannot do that then the should resign. That is true of any Presidency if key players cannot back a Presidential policy.

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