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Trump Schedule || Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10:30 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
11:30 am || Meets with Secretary of State Tillerson
12:30 pm || Begins discussions about the Federal budget; Roosevelt Room, Oval Office
4:00 pm || Leads a legislative affairs strategy session

All times Eastern

19 Responses to Trump Schedule || Wednesday, February 22, 2017

      • Thank you Harv, nice to be trustworthy.
        Well, there is a lot to say and I am glad that Trump brought up the topic for the world to see, our politicians and MSM want to censor and hide the truth, however, now it explodes in the face of the politicians and the MSM-journalists. We. the people are very aware of the situation. Too many migrants, many of them culturally very different,arriving during a short period of time = disaster. It is a cultural, economic, security disaster. Police is undermanned, hospitals as well ( the waiting rooms are overpopulated by noisy migrants in big groups and their interpreters, paid by us, the taxpayers), schools have problems with constantly new groups of pupils with very different educational backgrounds, if any. Etc, etc.
        I live close to Malmö but in a very ethnically Swedish region. However, I know a lot about Malmö, it is a very non-Swedish, international and modern city with lots of interesting architecture but it is also very segregated. There certainly are places I do not visit, especially in the evenings/nights. But the “British boy” and the hand grenade, well, as I recall it it was clans of Somalian origin involved. You know, very, very often you will read that a “Swede” or a “German” “British” etc etc were involved in this or that, but just as often they are not ethnic Europeans, just our “guests” committing crimes.
        We have election next year and I can assure you that the problems with migrants will be the number one topic. New party arises.

  1. Someone here is questioning MrTrump’s trips to Florida to his home and that he golfs when there.
    We’re OK with it, it’s the price we pay for a hard-working President.
    We complained about MrObama’s jet-setting trips to hither and yon, and his golfing excursions when it became clear that he was just calling-it-in for the last term.

    Not to worry, anti-Trump people, if our choice for POTUS fails to deliver on his promises or quits trying to change things in DC, we’ll be as harsh toward him as we were to MrObama.