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Homeland Security Seeks 5,000 More Border Patrol Officers

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly issued two memos on Tuesday aimed at implementing President Trump’s immigration-related executive orders, which call for strict enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and the hiring of thousands of new border officials, the Washington Examiner reported.

Kelly’s memos include guidance about where the agency stands in the process of building Trump’s border wall, instructions to hire 5,000 additional border patrol agents, and to meet the president’s demand for more rigorous enforcement of existing laws. Kelly also called on Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hire 10,000 new officials to handle the increased enforcement activity.

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4 Responses to Homeland Security Seeks 5,000 More Border Patrol Officers

  1. 5,ooo is a lot. The Border Patrol is a sorta military organization with broad powers. They have a rigorous training program, severely vet any potential officer, and don’t just hire people from Craig’s List. IMO, a good fit for new agents would be recent veterans.
    ot: a family friend is part of the AZ Border Patrol.
    The wages are good, the work is hard and dangerous.