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Hillary Clinton Tweets for Trump to “Speak Out” Against Attack on Jews

Typically low-class Clintons. Lost the election and won’t even give President Trump a chance to govern. And now she’s feeding the meme that Trump is anti-Semitic when his cherished daughter and her children are all Jewish. Meantime, Hillary’s former boss was preparing to throw Israel into the Mediterranean. From the Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton Tuesday called on President Trump to condemn threats against Jewish community centers and the vandalism at an historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis Tuesday morning.

Later, during an appearance at the National Museum of African-American History, Trump denounced anti-Semiticism and other forms of intolerance.

21 Responses to Hillary Clinton Tweets for Trump to “Speak Out” Against Attack on Jews

  1. Hillary has a very good point. Trump hasn’t said a word about the anti-Semitic behaviors. Why would he not? A President has many hats to wear and he has yet to act as a sort of, school principle. If he sees that a kid is getting harassed or beaten by bullies and he does nothing, that’s not doing the job.
    He’s not trying to stop the internal racism.

    • If Hillary Clinton has a good point why didn’t she point it out to her boss of four years who sat in front of a so-called Reverend for 20 years who spewed out all sorts of filth about Jews? Or more recently, why didn’t she speak out against the anti-Semitism prevalent in the Black Lives Matter movement? Pure opportunism. Pure hypocrisy.

    • President Trump can’t be everywhere at once. Hillary is speaking out because she plans to run for mayor of New York City. Right now, she can be seen everywhere in NYC. The woman is on a mission and she needs the Jewish vote. I hope the Jews remember how horribly Benjamin Netanyahu was treated by Barry and the Democrats in Washington.

    • “internal racism”? The only internal racism I have seen in my entire adult life has been against normal white guys.

      Hilly does not have a good point. She is just trying to float the (ridiculous) suggestion that DJT is anti-semitic for the deluded left to fall for, hook, line, and sinker. Obama and the administration that included Hilly was anti-semitic.

  2. The Clintons are too clever for words. If MrTrump who has always been a Israel supporter and the most devoted father/grandfather/father-in-law of Jews, falls for this, the next tweets will be asking him to call out some other outrage the Dems consider worthy- like a rogue policeman shoots a Black or a Muslim is unfairly treated by someone or a illegal alien isn’t given proper treatment.

    The Clintons are up to something. Instead of retiring to oblivion, they seem to think they have a duty to irritate the new President and his supporters.
    Go away. Retire gracefully. Please.

  3. Can someone please tell the Hildebeast to shut her irrelevant gob? And how many times does the lunatic left need to be told that Trump’s daughter and son in law are orthodox Jews? They are so crazed that they cannot accept fact when the fact cannot be disputed.

  4. Please, please, HRC–just GO AWAY. Fade into retirement. Take care of your grandchildren. Learn how to garden. Learn how to secure your private server. Whatever.

    Please go away.

  5. And the little clintonites picked up the torch and by the end of the day DJT was once again a big ole anti semite. With a Jewish daughter, son in law and grandchildren. But an anti semite nonetheless.

    After 30 plus years in the public eye it has suddenly been exposed that Donald Trump is an anti Semite. Don’t cha’ think new yorkers would have noticed? Insanity reigns.

  6. Where was Hillary’s critism to our previous president when “Black Lives Matter” was going aroung the country tearing and burning up towns and cities. What about when our policeman were being ambushed and killed innocently. What a hippocrit!!! Now that a few tombstones were turned over (no one hurt or killed) President Trump has to speak out. Give us all a break Hillary; stay the hell out of politics.