As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Tuesday, February 21, 2017

8:30 am || Visits the National Museum of African American History and Culture
10:30 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
12:30 pm || Has lunch with Tom Barrack, executive chairman at Colony NorthStar; Presidential Dining Room
4:00 pm || Receives an NSC briefing; Situation Room
6:30 pm || Has dinner with Vice President Pence; Presidential Dining Room

All times Eastern

17 Responses to Trump Schedule || Tuesday, February 21, 2017

  1. Almost immediately after our Bagdad Bobs in politics and MSM say ” nothing to see hear, Trump exaggerates, trust our media”, riots break out in a migrant-borough in Stockholm. Shootings, stone-throwing, cars in flames, police attacked. And this happens again and again in the boroughs were immigrants live. Since a couple of years,we have ghettos here that we never had before. Paris, London, Brussels etc etc have these problems in a larger scale but now we have them as well. So, again I say, thank you President Trump, for bringing it up. It can´t be denied anymore.
    Today I heard that a memo is circulating between the EU-members. According to the leaked document, EU must avoid future migrant-waves by directly refusing them to enter the borders and direct them to big camps outside the borders. Like Australia do today. Australia has been heavily critisized by the PC crowd for the camps on islands close to Australia, now they are an example. So I ask, what is the difference between these EU-camps and Trumps walls ? It is all about protection.

    • MsLady: we’ve seen video and read accounts of the chaos and crime brought by certain immigrants that has tested the humanitarian efforts by several EU nations.
      The MSM/Dem factions made a mistake attacking our President for his statement that pointed out the terrible events in Sweden, but we knew what he was talking about.
      The offer of sanctuary and safety to a group of people who will never adhere or respect the laws of a welcoming country is hard to imagine among civilized nations.
      We all hope that the EU nations will find a way to curtail this disgraceful crime wave and allow their citizens to live a safe and prosperous life again.

      • Thank you, srdem. I believe that Trump, if he can make himself heard in the row, clamour and uproar, created by the PC crowd in the MSM, can be a guiding light for many of the new politicians over here in Europe. It is a fierce struggle going on.

    • SWL Here’s a comment I came across. Just an fyi for you. Hope all is well.

      The diversity!-worshippers never stop to consider the significant downside to all that diversity! they’re determined to import.

      Sweden worked because it was a largely homogeneous society, with shared values. Now that it has imported large numbers of middle-east muzzies who don’t give a crap about working, who believe charity should only be shown to other muzzies (and barely even then), who think lying and swearing false oaths is perfectly acceptable, who are uncivil and openly hostile to Christianity, the Swedes are about to learn a very hard lesson about the pitfalls of “multiculturalism.”

      • Grace, a very hard lesson indeed. I , like you, appreciate immigrants who share our values, they are all very welcome. But all these people who have totally different values, and “bad” values at that, they are the big problem.

      • You mention “diversity”, one of the most insidious, evil social tools ever created to divide people, to prevent a homogeneous society from evolving. It’s a tactical device to divide people, preventing any coherent cultural development of lifestyle or affiliation to the larger good. It becomes, always, “us against that other group”. That’s the primary intent. The hard left has used it for many years, as we know, to divide and conquer a society, create maximum chaos, cause groups of people to fight each other. When that occurs, government “experts” swan in with their “solution” to the chaos. And that government solution is ALWAYS more laws, less liberty, more draconian rules to cause us to submit to government mandates. It’s a very old story, isn’t it?

  2. A 8:30am visit to the museum dedicated to Af-Am influence and impact on our country highlights two of MrTrump’s genius – #1 – it’s obvious he is up and running early in the morning, and #2 – he’s going over the head of the anti-Trump faction of the Black community.
    The more he does, the more he says, allows us to see his motive of bypassing all the negative entities and going straight to the people.
    His latest choice for his national security team has the whole MSM/Dem cabal stuttering and unable to find fault with his decision to find the best and brightest to fill out all of his administration. They might not like the opinions of certain cabinet members, but they can’t find fault with their personal lives or most telling – that MrTrump has chosen those who reflect his opinion on certain agency faults.

    It’s way too soon to see a touch of blue sky in a gloomy, overcast political scene the anti-Trump group wants all of us to follow, but it sure is a nice thing to contemplate that it could happen.

    • Also, in the midst of a busy day, President Trump is receiving not just one but, indeed, two intelligence briefings ( at 10 am and 4 pm). His predecessor, some chap by the name of Barry something or other, missed most of his intelligence briefings. Apparently, they bored him, and he already knew what was in the intelligence briefing of the day, according to his cohort–a peculiar woman by the name of Valerie Jarret

  3. Up, showered, dressed, fed and out the door to be at the museum by 8:30 am. Astounding!
    Barry would still be snoring in bed, sleeping off whatever drugs he took the night before.

    • So true. The Obama years were a complete waste of time for the United States. There was so much good that could have been accomplished all all fronts–domestic and internationally. Obama was so off the wall, so strangely otherwise occupied, so clueless as to his proper role, that he will go down as one of the most unfit for office Presidents we ever had. Such an odd man. And a dangerous one, at that. He’s still lurking in the background, like some kid sneaking at look at the neighbor’s cat, trying to figure out how to poison it without being caught in the act.