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Presidents’ Day Open Thread || February 20, 2017



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  1. Wild Bill for America has a channel on You Tube. He is a conservative. Here is a 4 minute video he did when Obama was in office. It is his take on Islam. I agree with him. Just this morning I listened to a radio talk show. One guy talked about Sweden. He claimed that the Muslims have taken over 40% of Stockholm. He claimed the police do not even go there. The Muslims have guards who keep non Muslims out.

    Pigs, Lipstick and Islam

  2. A Prayer for President’s Day….not mine but I thought it appropriate. Apologies to those offended by prayer.

    Thank you Lord for the privilege of this life and the privilege of this day, the privilege of growing in the grace and knowledge of God, the privilege of praying for all other people, for whom we are thankful, please work your good and perfect will in our lives this day.

    We thank you and praise you for our country. Thank you that we live with relative peace and security, and that we still have the freedom to speak out against injustice when we see it. Thank you for all of the good gifts that you’ve given us, for all that we have around us, especially those things we take for granted.

    Father we pray that you would give us a government with laws that promote justice, honesty and truth, bringing opportunity to those in need and having compassion on those who are broken.

    Father we pray that you would give us politicians who have clarity, integrity, and passion for what is right. Give them great intelligence to solve problems, but please give them great strength of character, to stay away from anything corrupt, or sinful, as well.

    Please thwart the evil plans of men, and expose the evil deeds of men so that they will not escape justice, and rescue from destruction the innocent, the helpless, the unwary, and the unsaved, especially those children who have been forcibly separated from their parents, please work your good and perfect will in their lives this day. Bless and protect all who travel, conduct business or attend classes today, that they may do so free of threats, danger, and destruction, please work your good and perfect will in their lives this day.

    We pray that you would bring great healing to our nation where it needs it, bring about a generation who will stand against the tide of cynicism, to act justly, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with you.

    Bless all who love us and all whom we love. Bless and protect Donald Trump and his family, Mike Pence and his family, all incoming Cabinet Members and Aides to the President and their families, all lawmakers who uphold Biblical principles and their families, and work your good and perfect will in their lives this day, so that they will lead spiritually fruitful, spiritually productive lives, and as happy, healthy, and long as you have appointed with your good and perfect will, free from malevolent interferences.

    In Jesus’ name, for His sake, and for His glory, we pray. Amen

    • When I read your apology to those who hate prayer, I got turned off by you and could not read your prayer. I love reading prayers, its like poetry to me but I can’t stand the apology for it that you gave, it really put a damper on it for me. Political correctness is over, get with it!

  3. CPAC cuts Milo. I don’t get that at all.

    And Trump goes with McMasters. Not Bolton. I am a Bolton fan. But it is Trump’s team and hear excellent things about McMasters.

      • I think so, too. Bolton is far too experienced, smart and clear thinking for President Trump to leave him out of key discussions and decisions. He’s one of the very best. He’ll be on board officially when the time is right.

    • And his book has now been axed, as well.

      Apparently, McMullin’s cabal put together a deceptively edited tape that implied Milo was okay with pedophilia.

      It’s not in any way true, and if I were Milo, I’d hit that bastard McMullin with a defamation suit that would make Hogan v. Gawker look like small claims by comparison.