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House Intel Chair Says Top Obama Officials are Leaking to the Press

What? The nice Obama people try to subvert the democratically chosen president? They would never! Everyone knows only Trump does stuff like that . . . 

The House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes on Sunday accused Obama-era officials, who are working for President Trump until his administration is staffed up, of illegally leaking intelligence and other reports to the media in an attempt to hurt the Republican leader, the Washington Examiner reported.

Nunes said the FBI and other intelligence agencies ought to investigate who has leaked information to the press because so few people in the administration knew these secrets, that it would have had to have been someone at the “highest levels of the Obama administration” who is an acting official until Trump replaces him or her.

22 Responses to House Intel Chair Says Top Obama Officials are Leaking to the Press

  1. I would have thought President Trump was smart enough to clear out ALL of the Obama garbage on day one of his presidency.
    How and why Clapper still has a job baffles me.

    • Has nothing to do with him being smart or not…doing it quickly is a logistical challenge, to put it mildly.

      That being said – yes, they all must go.

      • Yes, patience is a virtue.
        I don’t have any doubts that Trump has battle plans.
        No WWI tactics, open up a barrage on a 25 mile front.
        No, it’s fire and maneuver, one or more objective’s at a time.

    • Yeah, I thought President Trump would have cleared out any sign of Obama and his evil underground army. And I agree, why does that Clapper creep still have a job? Is President’s staff up to this? Are THEY smart enough to stop these dirty leaks from these dirty rotten traitors and that includes Obama himself? Trump has to get thee out traitors! Also, President Trump, give back to another Traitor, McCain whe he gives to you? Huh? Oust that turkey McCain who gave one of the worst and dumbest speeches on foreign soil no less! If he’s a globalist, he needs to be ousted for being a traitor and globalist and most of all for disrespecting the President of the United States. We have another 6 years of this old bag traitor? He has to be ousted and gone for his anti-American globalist dirty rotten speech. Because McCain’s daughter is on Outnumbered on Fox, I CAN’T WATCH IT ANYMORE. I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT HIS DAUGHTER NOW BECAUSE OF HER FATHER! Our new President must shut that guy McCain up once and for all. Impeach McCain and right away, he is deplorable, talk about deplorable. Everyone is saying he is evil, so why isn’t he ousted from the Senate already, enough from his filthy mouth. Thanks for listening, I am so fed up with McCain, he retire, the man sounds like he has dementia.

  2. By now, even a fourth grader could figure out that Obama and his associates in OFA are largely behind these scandalous and nationally damaging leaks to harm President Trump and his administration. I suspect these malcontents are peppered throughout various government agencies and are just waiting for the “go” signal from Obama to launch whatever evil deed has been assigned to them to trigger.

    What we have here is a well coordinated effort to undermine, create disorder, sabotage and damage the effectiveness of the Executive Office of the United States of America. Obama and company are playing a very dangerous game, and are getting close to creating an atmosphere of anarchy in our government.

  3. Happy “He’s My President” day to all.
    What I learned this morning (so far):
    *The LBGTqwerty crowd had a protest march (or dance) in NYC to indicate they don’t like MrTrump. The MSM claims about 24 people attended the protest. They used kissing and dancing together as a form of protest.
    There was no explanation of what policy or regulation they were protesting, just that MrTrump “is”.

    *”The Atlantic” featured a piece that attacked MsDeVoss for her stance on charter schools. The author claimed that DC charter schools are segregated (less than 10% White) and are not conductive to good education.
    The underlying premise and racist attack is that Black students can’t perform well unless at least 1/2 of the students are White. A majority Black charter school is not the right place or educational mecca to help inner city youths.
    (they never see their racist attitude and beliefs, never)
    *President Trump walked across the patio at Mar-a-Lago to join a fund-raiser or celebration already in progress without telling the Press!
    Horrors! They don’t know who he talked to there or what he did there!
    *Some of the MSM are still torturing their readers with MrTrump’s mention of Swedish problems with immigrant Muslims.
    America is not interested.
    *It’s continuing to rain a lot in California and they are in a panic as roads collapse or undriveable, and mountainsides continue to dissolve into their natural state. All talk of succession from the whole of the US has been shelved until MrTrump sends FEMA money.
    Again, Happy Monday.

    • Yes, the Swedish problems, I have written about them for a long time now. Malmö, for example, has a crime wave never witnessed before, nowadays we have many shootings and murders, these were rare crimes before ( they mostly murder each other), the undermanned police is desperate. And so on and on. Our politicians opened our borders and created the problems, now they want to pretend that they do not exist so I, and many more say, thank you president Trump, thank you for bringing it up.
      Here, the MSM, adepts of your MSM, pretends that they do not understand what Trump is talking about. They pretend that he meant some terror deed and they now go on about how misinformed he is. But most of us know what he meant. He meant a TV.program on Fox channel yesterday. This program is about the alarming situation in Sweden.

  4. One of Obama’s last Executive orders allows any NSA snooping results to be shared with all the other 16 Intelligence Agencies. So on Jan 3, Attorney General Lynch approved James Clapper sharing of US individuals overseas phone calls. So where previously maybe a dozen could see your oversea phone transcripts, now literally hundreds can see (and leak) them. Leaks are uncontrollable now.

    Note: Obama’s EO overruled Reagan’s EO and Trump could reverse if he wanted to…

    • You know, I didn’t know we had *16* “intelligence agencies”. President Trump is wise. I have a feeling he is watching very carefully where the paint drips are from the bucket he set that each leaker stepped in.

      What I think is this: So far, he’s done nothing but clear his desk of “old business” that everyone knew about. If he has begun to implement anything new, he’s being beautifully careful about it, but I don’t think any of that has started yet. Right now, his order of business is what any smart person does when moving into a new place that was known to have a bug problem & a leaky roof & bad plumbing…. eliminate ALL the bugs, replace the roof, and fix the plumbing.. before moving in.