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DHS Guidelines Would Expand Illegal Immigrant Deportations

A president who is serious about enforcing the law and safeguarding our culture. Thank you.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Homeland Security has written new guidelines that would expand the number of immigrants subject to deportation and expedite their removal.

The proposal would expand the number of people considered criminals and therefore targeted for deportation by including those charged with a crime or suspected of committing one. And it would allow expedited deportation for illegal immigrants who have been in the country for up to two years, instead of the current two weeks.

4 Responses to DHS Guidelines Would Expand Illegal Immigrant Deportations

  1. Deporting illegal aliens in our country is a long overdue action.
    There isn’t one “right” that could forgive anyone who enters our borders illegally.
    The argument brought forth by the Dems/MSM of breaking up families is a false narrative when thousands of “minors” were sent by their families to live in the US. There is no reason the next deportee can’t take their whole family with them back to Mexico or wherever they came from and we encourage that – y’know for the families sake.

    The illegals don’t do themselves any favor by marching in our streets, waving Spanish signs and waving the flag of their homeland. They just add on to our outrage by demanding (imagine that) they be allowed to take advantage of American tax-payers generosity by using food stamps, and other programs we have designed for the American poor.

    Send them all home, reunite them with their extended family wherever that might be.