As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Saturday Open Thread || February 18, 2017



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    • Yes, they are grasping at straws. They are losing the battle of persuasion. Perhaps next they will combine their memes, as in: “Man With Funny Hair Speaks With People All The Time. Denies That Putin Interfered In Election”. You read it here first. ;+}

  1. Stoopid question…
    Anyone know where or what former Dear Socialist Leader “Barack Hussein Obama” has been upto…?

    Granted, I pray everyday He & anyone who proudly served in his regime (and the sycophants of his “WH press corps”) burn in Hell :-)

    • Brought tears to my eyes. She’s really brave to go out there knowing that the MSM/Dem/haters will find some nitpick thing to disparage her.
      She looked beautiful, elegant.
      Lovely woman.

      • Just remember the MSM/Dem/haters are the minority now, although the cable t.v. stations try to make it look otherwise speaking falsley about Trump when he’s trying to help the American people, which is what the democrats/communists do not want him to do, they only want the power back so they can keep ruining America like the crazy fake Indian and Obama are trying to do in vain though, including the biggest communist of our lifetime, Sanders! Every day of course, I watch Fox and Friends in the morning and love Doosey and the others! But sometimes I turn on CNN,MSNBC for a mano second to just hear what lies they are telling and conjuring without success at all, and honestly, those stations are so boring, so obviously involved in a coo to take down Trump with Soros and Obama! Those two should have been arrested years ago, why not? They are criminals committing sedition and trying to bring our government down every day with their communist activities, marches, etc. Actually, Obama’s group of protesters sound like a bunch of Nazi foot soldiers.

        • Again? What for am I in moderation? You must be kidding. Stop it now! Why me? I never curse or say explicit things like I read here all the time? and why not? I thought this was the station where we could be ourselves, I guess I was wrong. Take the tag off my e-mail address, will you, this is getting dumb.

          • Take the God damn “moderation” off my e-mail address, I am guilty of nothing! You are getting like the media Donald Trump is talking about!

          • Barney I think mod jail is a function of wordpress, triggered by god knows what. Known only to itself. We all go through it. It is irritating but it’s not comment content oriented,

          • Barney — Also look around — there is usually a bottle of scotch stashed, some cheetos or cheetos crumbs and broken up furniture for a fire if you get too cold.

    • The more I think about it, I believe Melania said that specific prayer for the words”and forgive us our trespasses as we FORGIVE those who trespass against us”
      She is not hating back on the haters.

    In the final days Obama expanded the power of the NSA to share globally intercepted personal communications with the governments 16 other intelligence agencies. Far more officials would search through raw data. This created many more possibilities for leaks.
    Sekulow, in the link above asks: Why did Obama wait 8 years to do this if it was considered essential for security ? Why did he sneak it in 17 days before he left office ? Sekulow calls it a “soft coup”, the creating of a shadow government.

    • He’s also tied to the riots and protests going on across the country and the disruption of town hall meetings.
      The people are on to him.
      Whether anything can be done about it is another thing entirely.

      • AFVeT, surely there must be some “leaks” ( his academic records etc, documents that really should have been public ) to threaten him with in order to make him stop ?