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White House Denies Considering Using Troops to Round Up Illegal Immigrants

The White House flatly rejected a report on Friday that said President Trump is weighing plans to mobilize thousands of National Guard soldiers to begin apprehending criminal illegal aliens across the country, the Washington Examiner reports.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters aboard Air Force One “this is not true” and that the Department of Homeland Security “also confirms it is 100 [percent] false.”

He made the comment after the Associated Press reported that Trump could use “as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.”

The AP report claimed that administration officials have been circulating an 11-page document over the last two weeks that proposed sweeping immigration enforcement actions in border states California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

6 Responses to White House Denies Considering Using Troops to Round Up Illegal Immigrants

  1. Fake, fake, fake fake. h/t to “Elaine”.

    Like meth addicts, the MSM is scurrying from one faux Alert! to another without any background checks or responsible sources. Paranoid headlines of disaster or a Russian takeover, and we’re watching them go closer to the abyss of total obscurity.

    Y’d think after a year and a half of hurling mudballs to smear MrTrump and finding that none of them stuck, they’d figure out that they are wrong, not him.

  2. A new tactic? Pre-frenzy the lefties? Now if Trump WAS to mobilize the military (which I don’t think would be going too far. We’ve been invaded!), that would just outrage the snowflakes even more.

    The more the MSM cuts themselves to (fail to) push their agenda, the more that reasonable people will finally see what has been going on in this once-great country.

    All I can say is GO TRUMP!

  3. But but….Trump is ruining our plan to take this nation down….waaaa

    Need to attack him….I know…I will just make up something, my editor will love it!

  4. If ANY media outlet has become an opinion or pundit force, let them state so clearly and honestly.
    We, the people, would much rather filter the news from that standpoint than the dishonest diatribe which is being forced upon us daily.
    We have gone from a land of the free to a land of assassins. From the Supreme Court and the halls of Congress to the very streets and roads, character assassination has become the norm.Sometimes it is very subtle, a turn of phrase or slight gesture, more often than not it is blatantly shoved in your face. It is up to us, the people, to look beyond and between the words and actions to discern the truth.

  5. Obviously it’s a fake story, and an act of desperation on the part of the sissy pants media and Democrats. The corporate media is completely tangled up in their own underwear and blaming everyone else for their problems. They’re being exposed every day for the frauds they’ve become as they assume the mantle of the laughing stock buffoons. The mantle fits them perfectly, as it turns out. No tailoring needed.