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Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 18, 2017

4:30 pm || Departs West Palm Beach, Florida
5:10 || Arrives Melbourne, Florida
5:20 pm || Participates in a Make America Great Again Rally; Orlando Melbourne International Airport
6:35 pm || Departs Melbourne, Florida
7:15 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach, Florida

All times Eastern

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  1. Here is a link that explains how a sting operation works, possibly how Trump discovered the leaks he has been referring to.
    He mentioned in the press conference that the leaks were real, the news was fake.

    Note, in the past couple of days this site has been hammered with viewers causing it to go down and show an error.
    If you get an error, try again.

    This is a fascinating read.

      • I don’t know much about the author.
        I saw a link on twitter with comments that were positive as far as his credibility.
        I thought that his take on the recent leaks seemed logical.

        Early on just after the election, Trump held a closed door meeting and soon after info from that meeting was leaked to the press.
        I remember him mentioning it at one of his thank you rallies.

        His administration is full of Obama holdovers determined to undermine his presidency.

        Wictor has identified a way to root these people out and in a way the MSM is helping the efforts.

    • It is fascinating. Not entirely convinced. Why would Clapper be in on it? Why have Flynn be fired rather than exonerated? Seems overly complicated.

      • Clapper knows the players and the inner workings of the agencies.
        Flynn was dismissed because he misled Pence and let him go on TV with false information.
        Flynn didn’t do anything wrong on his phone calls, he lied to the VP.

        • If the report is true, it is surprising about Clapper’s cooperation. And it would not be surprising that Clapper would resign thereafter. I saw something a while back where he refused to put his men in front of Congress to lie, at the request of Brennan, about Russia and the elections and Trump. No fan of Clappers or that weasel Brennan, but do like this view of him.

    • Sounds interesting. Will check it out. Have to be careful with links now because some have caused havoc for me.

      That said, am particularly interested in the whos and whats of these leaks. Also, interested in the possibility of leaks about the Yemen raid which resulted in the death of SEAL Team Six member Ryan Owens. Owens was a friend of people I know so maybe I am a little more attuned.

      That said, am curious if there was a leak about the Yemen raid and if that leak in anyway came from the IT workers employed by the Democrats in the House on Intelligence matters. The media and the Congress has been quite mum on this “investigation”. If you read the link you will be amazed (perhaps not) that such people hold security clearances and have exposure to sensitive information — for years. And yet barely a peep.

        • HA. Actually it says that these guys were brought on board in 2005 I believe. I could be wrong. But if you just look at the behaviour of the one before and after being hired it is gobsmacking that the guy was kept on, let alone had clearance. The Dems — what spineless, compromised people.

    • AF Vet it is a fascinating read. I would hope it is true, but have concerns. When I clicked on the About etc. is when I got the Data Base Error message. That said, interesting that Trump reads one and delegates the remaining six PDBs to Pence. Good delegation and respect and trust in Pence. A working VP — hear that Uncle Joe?

    • Island Girl, I must say that your senator has to be one of the most liberal progressives I have ever seen.
      I can’t recall her name but I have yet to hear anything logical come out of her mouth yet in these confirmation hearings.

  2. Here is the full speech President Trump made at Boeing. It’s a remarkable speech, full of optimism, and a clear summary of how he thinks about the American worker, his commitment to improving the economy and other issues as well. Really quite an insight into where he wants his economic policies to help the country. Worth a read. We can read what he said ourselves, rather than have it interpreted by those in the media who want him to fail.

  3. I like it that he held the rally in an airplane hangar and didn’t have the necessary entourage drive him through city streets and messing up traffic. And not doing this at 5 p.m. on a Friday.