As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Friday, February 17, 2017

10:10 am || Departs White House
Noon || Arrives in North Charleston, South Carolina
12:10 pm || Meets with Dennis Muilenburg, the Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of the Boeing Company; Boeing Company Facility; North Charleston, South Carolina
12:25 pm || Tours the Boeing Company facility
1:05 pm || Makes remarks at the unveiling of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft
1:40 pm || Tours the Boeing Company 787 Dreamliner aircraft
2:05 pm || Departs North Charleston
3:30 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach

All times Eastern

32 Responses to Trump Schedule || Friday, February 17, 2017

    I hope that Trump can use this as ammunition against the unfounded, vague accusations of Russian involvement in the US election. Under the Dear Leader Obama, the CIA plotted in the French election. Like they plotted against Bernie Sanders in the primaries and now against Trump, who managed to get elected to their big,big surprise.
    Flynn did nothing wrong. He was going to work for a candidate who got elected on, among other things, the promise to make the world safer and better in improving the relations with Russia. Flynn just did what he was supposed to do, and his phone calls, CIA again, leaked to just anyone.
    I hope that Trump, who was absolutely splendid yesterday, will bring this up because MSM will of course not mention it at all. They have all decided to be neo- McCarthyists and paint the Russian ghost everywhere and by this, bring Trump down. But, he is an awesome fighter, we saw it yesterday. And a real leader.

    • Absolutely loved the way Trump handled himself and the MSM. He has battled those jerks (not journalists) from the time he announced he was running. I guess I was naive enough to think it would calm down once he was elected. Though I knew the hatred wouldn’t. I have zero respect for the MSM and got rid of cable after the last election four years ago.

      • Exactly Jen.
        Trump spent the first 10 or 15 minutes telling about new job creation and investment by businesses.
        Then the media went right into their Russia fixation.

    • Sadly, yes JSayin’.
      Media had a chance to think it over and redeem themselves in the public eye, but no.
      Going thru Internet and watching local news, every one with very few exceptions was the same.
      Nothing but hit pieces.
      I fully believe now, that the media is just another arm of the Democratic Party and the left.

  2. The POTUS is going to visit the Boeing Co. in S.Carolina –’s headline is “Trump flees Washington….”.

    Hate, lies, twists, spin, fantasy – anything that is negative is the only weapon left to the Dem/MSM.
    MrTrump has been in office less than a month, not 30 days yet. According to the MSM he has ruined everything, is insane, has no support, and the ‘sky is falling’.

    There are a lot of people in the world who would love to see America as we know it destroyed. I now see that some of these hateful, anti-American people are part of our own MSM.

    • And, thereby, the corporate media demonstrates and puts a spotlight on precisely what President Trump (and the rest of normal society) accuses them of doing–all the while denying that they engage in such behavior. Ya gotta love the hypocrisy or the complete absence of institutional self awareness these people enjoy. I keep repeating: 94 percent of the American people have little or no trust in the news media. And we we are well justified in that opinion.

    • I guess the media didn’t learn from their ass kicking yesterday.
      Sometimes you have to whup a bully more than once before he learns not to mess with you.
      “Flees Washington”
      I can smell their fear thru the Internet.

      • Hear, hear! I live about five miles from the Boeing plant and people here in Charleston are looking forward to it, but of course the headline in the local paper includes “Protests Planned.” Sigh.
        DJT needs to hold his pressers in the evening in primetime. People working during the day would get to watch them, the networks would lose $$ by having to pre-empt the shows they spent millions making, they’d also lose $$ from the commercials pre-empted, and afterwards, when the talking heads ranted and raved over what he said, viewers would think “were they watching the same show we were? What else are they lying about?”

        • I read that there was a union vote at the Boeing plant in Charleston and it was defeated by 74% of the workers saying NO. The union probably thought they could roll over Southerners. LOL!

    • “Trump Flees Washington”?? Seriously? Some people live in an alternate reality.

      Amazing how the MSM and the left just keep doubling down on their BS. They are solidifying their own demise, in my opinion. The ‘on the fence’ people can see now just how insane these people are.

      • The corporate media has completely destroyed their brand. So the good news is that we’ve learned the truth is exactly the opposite of what they are reporting. That’s how we keep in touch with some semblance of reality.

        • Saw an online headline today referring to his “erratic” press conference (once again promoting the meme that he’s “unhinged” or “mentally ill”)…also heard some pundits complaining that “all he does is have meetings”.

          • Meetings … that set the plans… that are put into ACTION. Yep, those kinds of meetings. Not the Obama meetings …. so many words, so little action. Lots of sports.

    • President Trump is holding a rally for the people here in Florida Saturday starting at 5:00. It will be held at the Melbourne-Orlando International Airport in one of the hangars. No backpacks, no chairs, no selfie sticks, etc allowed. Doors open at 3:00 and they are expecting thousands.

    • When President Trump travels to a destination, he is working–meeting with people, working with them on an issue, presenting his case, listening to others. When Obama traveled to a destination, it was screw off time for him. You may have noticed the difference.

      • That’s right Marcus, President Trump has not taken a day off since the inauguration. He is doing this rally “for the people”
        We are always glad to see him and even though I am 4 hours away from Orlando his speech and rally will be broadcast on one of the local TV stations here.

  3. Seems to me a world leader would do all they can to stay on honest speaking terms with leaders of other nations. So sour grapes to the liberals who are scared poopless because our president can call and talk to Putin. I would rather have the communication lines open between world powers than the normal approach of talking to Russia, and others via a cluster of microphones set up for the media. That is the typical non personal, cowardly, fourth party method of trying to sway a foreign leader by embarrassment? How many problems have we ever solved by complaining to the cat about the dog. Talk to the dog.. I plain words Trump is correct in his approach.

    • Fully agree.
      The ability to speak with Russia goes back to President Kennedy’s setting up and installation of the Hot Line, Red Phone, I forgot what it was called.
      What can be better than speaking with the head of a foreign government, like now.
      I’m pretty sure that link still exist, but I wonder if more countries are in that loop.

    • Trump seems to be making a strong effort to re-connect with leaders of allied countries–Japan, the UK, France, etc. After eight years of Obama’s destructive relationships with our allies, Trump obviously wants to repair the enormous damage Obama has inflicted on our relationships with our international friends.

  4. Judicial Watch to sue FBI,CIA, NSA for Flynn transcripts.

    Then the leaker should he tried for treason. And it would help too to get to the bottom of the leak on the recent foiled Yemen operation that resulted in the death of a young SEAL. I would start with those 3 ME analysts working for the Dems on Intelligence. You know, the ones the MSM and the Democrats never mention.