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Budget Hawk Mick Mulvaney Confirmed as OMB Director

Mulvaney is a choice that suggests President Trump is more serious than many people think about reining in the budget.

A fiscal conservative elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010 will now manage the federal budget for the Trump administration,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The Senate voted Thursday to confirm South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney to be President Trump’s budget director.

Mulvaney’s confirmation was never certain until the last minute, thanks to opposition from all Democrats and concerns from several Republicans who had criticized Mulvaney’s votes in the House to limit defense spending. But Mulvaney’s main GOP critics all voted for him on Thursday, including Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine, and Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran of Mississippi.

In joining Trump’s administration, Mulvaney brings representation of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus to the table in budget negotiations and spending decisions.

19 Responses to Budget Hawk Mick Mulvaney Confirmed as OMB Director

  1. It was little reported but Michelle’s First Lady staff numbered 20. So far Melanie Trump’s staff numbers just 2. Yes, Trump is interested in cutting excessive spending.

    • The last President’s wife had multiple gigs on TV, schools, flitting from here to yon to promote water and kale, dance lessons, multiple vacations venues to book, and whatever she wanted to do or where she wanted to go.
      So far, MrsTrump is content to take care of her family and will move to take care of the White House duties placed in her oversight or perview.
      I don’t see her flitting about the country, dancing on late night TV shows or running down a football field faster than little kids to prove a point.

      IMO, she can keep doing what makes her happy.

      • Agree. I will be curious to see what she does with the White House garden given that she specifically mentioned a love of gardening when in Florida with Japanese PM Abe and his wife. Would love to see her promote gardening as a way to bring families together, healthy eating, exercise, etc. — without all the “rah, rah, yay me” that Mrs. Obama engaged in.

      • They are all “middle management” IMO. Meetings, committee hearings, papers or memos back and forth – job security is the goal – Look what a great job I’m doing kind of thing.
        The create mountains of paper that no one reads or cares about. When they do act, it’s usually too late to be of any worth or without consideration for the ‘unintended consequences”.

  2. OT: With the new Labor Secretary pick announced, I guess we can reasonably assume that was the purpose (or one of the purposes) of last night’s Trump-Rubio dinner.

    • My guess about the Rubio dinner is that there are lots of problems in the Latin World and Trump wanted Rubio’s view point. Venezuela kicked out CNN, for example.

  3. Now, we do the same things to the budget as we might do to remove a cancer: “Slash, Burn, and Poison”.

    Personally, if it were me, I would completely GUT most of the “alphabet agencies”, as they have shown they are more about supporting global government [or special interests] than supporting the American people. Just leave only a skeleton crew to organize the records, if needed, otherwise just eliminate them altogether.

    Time to STOP “kicking the can down the road”!

  4. OMG… Shep “gay closet liberal” Smith on FOXNews really hates Pres. Trump.
    His 3pm EST show is nothing but him being a snarky, stuck-up news-reader and saying anything he can to trash Pres. Trump