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Trump Revives His Campaign Style at East Room Press Conference

Washington was aghast at President Trump’s press conference. But many Americans will be thrilled. Of course, no one in DC gets that, which is why none of them took Trump seriously in the first place and were wrong about his appeal.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump Thursday abruptly revived the aggressive, freewheeling style he exhibited during the presidential campaign — boasting, attacking and complaining his way through an hour-long East Room news conference.

As he did during the campaign, Trump singled out reporters for particular scorn, touting them as embodying of everything that he saw wrong with Washington: elitism, dishonesty and insularity.

The impromptu press conference came just two days before the president will travel to Florida to attend the first campaign-style rally of his presidency.

Trump is expected to draw attention to the early accomplishments of his administration at the rally.

Trump lashed out at what he described as the media’s “dishonest” coverage of his administration and said the press has been resistant to his efforts to uproot a “very entrenched power structure” in Washington.

11 Responses to Trump Revives His Campaign Style at East Room Press Conference

  1. That 1 hour presser was the Super Bowl of Pressers and my team won!
    He was on the mark, on a roll, didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and made us say ‘about time!’ when he called out the hateful comments, the spin and twist of what is or may happen, and we loved every minute here in this part of flyover.
    Dishonest, deceitful, and fanciful reporting of events happening as MrTrump tries to assemble his cabinet and administration is truly a shameful way to report what the MSM thinks is news or important to the public.

    They won’t rethink their approach to anything surrounding the Trump White House, but continue with their stompy-foot and immature actions.
    If I had any negative comment, it might be a wish for MrTrump to ignore the cable news like we do. He gives them more importance than they deserve.

  2. Trump was spectacular. He continues to expose those (and they are clueless as to how they are perceived by the public) in the press who insist on pushing a particular one-sided agenda. We all see them actively framing an issue to purposely draw a particular conclusion from their readers and viewers. They actually believe no one will notice or catch on to their trickery, that’s how cocooned they are. While, obviously, there are honest, dedicated to the truth and reliable journalists, there are far too many who display a self-righteous and condemnatory attitude which immediately exposes them as complete arrogant phonies, and a danger to our Constitutional Republic. Too many ShamWow! salesmen in the world of so-called journalism. President Trump is more than able to call them out.He does so, brilliantly. And these dolts don’t have a clue.

  3. The MSM as usual made fools of themselves once again. It is getting to be a bad habit. With Keith,
    Rush, and Hannity I stand with with them all!
    Goooooooooo Trump!!!

  4. Complaining? Not really. President Trump was expressing what millions feel Instead of actually looking at how much work he has been doing, the media has indulged in penny ante BS. They twist almost everything into sinister and threatening jabs. President Trump was right about General Flynn. The focus should have been the focus of the media. If officials are leaking private, government secrets, they are capable of traitorous contact with foreign nations.
    The CBC has refused to meet with our president. Perhaps the time has come to publicly call for them to be ended. The same for the Hispanic and Asian caucuses. Those are the left would howl if there was one simply for caucasions, now wouldn’t they?
    President Trump did exactly as we, the people, expected. He took it to the people.
    From what I was able to determine, it was not aggressive or complaining. Did he boast or did he simply state what is fact? Seems more fact, less brag.

    • The Left-alt media said that Trump was complaining about the mess he inherited. Funny, but I don’t recall any criticism of Obama complaining about the mess he supposedly inherited. The entire Left-alt movement needs to go the way of the dinosaurs, permanently!

  5. Boycott the BBC. Last night’s broadcast, they ran the segment already running – Trump speaking in normal conversational tones as he apparently did throughout and then cut to a shot of the reporters going nuts at last question and described this event as raucous. I am nonplused at how stupid they clearly think their listeners are.

  6. I caught some snippets on tape and read the reviews of the MSM reaction and came here.

    Trump is right to expose to the American people the reactions he is getting from the media and from the uncooperative Democrats in Congress as well as the irresponsibility of some of the agencies in leaking information, illegally collecting information and being obtrusive. Many Americans do not know this. They think our intelligence agencies are here to provide POTUS with good intell and keep the country safe and not turn their power inward to damage or weaken POTUS.

    The media from what I gleaned is apoplectic. Which is fine and to be expected, But What Drama Queens!

    Hopefully over time they will act professionally and be included in more conferences. But for now, they deserved the treatment they got.

    Finally came here to get your take on it. Good stuff, especially you srdem65 — good barometer of your part of flyover is helpful