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Trump Labor Pick Withdraws

From the Washington Examiner:

Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s nominee to be secretary of labor, will withdraw from consideration Wednesday, according to multiple reports following a tumultuous day in which video of his ex-wife’s appearance on a 1990 episode of the “Oprah Winfrey Show” dedicated to domestic violence surfaced. His first confirmation hearing was scheduled for Thursday morning.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told the White House that Puzder does not have the votes to win confirmation, according to the Washinton Post.

Puzder, chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants, which owns the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. franchises, had been a controversial pick from the start. An outspoken conservative and critic of the Obama administration’s efforts to expand workplace regulations, he was staunchly opposed by many liberal groups, especially organized labor. Senate Democrats appeared united against him, while several Republicans expressed doubts about the pick.

8 thoughts on “Trump Labor Pick Withdraws”

  1. So, his ex-wife said he was a meanie 27 years ago. Right?
    The real problem must be the anti-union/worker attitude.
    Now we know. Only saints need apply to be appointed to government positions.

    1. Yes, however only saints approved by Progressive, lefty Democrats, though. Here’s a little gem to demonstrate the astounding hypocrisy of the D’s:

      When Chuck Hagel was up for Senate approval as Sec Defense in 2013, I wrote my moonbat Senator, Angus King, an “Independent” who votes with the Democrats 96 percent of the time (he’s the picture boy for left wing Progressive Democrats in real life), and asked that he vote “no” on the Hagel nomination. I went into Hagel’s peculiar background, his general incompetence, etc., to make my case. King wrote back in a terse email, “I am voting to confirm Mr. Hagel. I believe a President should be able to be able to have anyone he wants in his Cabinet. He chose Mr. Hagel.”

      And there we are. The height of political hypocrisy, which we see still being acted out in 2017.

      1. That’s one of the key differences between lefties and righties. The right sees things through a filter of principles involving predetermined models of right and wrong. The left only sees their agenda, right and wrong are nearly insignificant, and the concepts are only brought up when they can be used as a tool.

  2. This is a big, big country. There are a lot of gifted, heroic people with no skeletons in their closets. All these power-gamers are doing is assuring that someone even tougher, harder, stronger, and of deeper resolve, will be leading these organizations.

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