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Senate Votes to Roll Back Obama Gun Regulation

There were many competent older people who would have been denied their right to self-defense by some bureaucrat’s determination under this rule.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Senate voted Wednesday to roll back an Obama administration rule that Republicans have said is a threat to people’s right to own firearms, following a similar House vote last week.

The Senate voted 57-43 to kill the rule following a similar party-line vote in the House this month.

The Obama rule holds that the Social Security Administration must report anyone who requires third-party assistance to manage their Social Security benefits is placed on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Placement on that list prevents them from buying a gun.

47 thoughts on “Senate Votes to Roll Back Obama Gun Regulation”

  1. Yep. Just because someone is not capable of managing editor their Social Security income income is no reason to keep him from owning a gun or three. Why not an entire arsenal? How smart does one have to be to pull a trigger?

    1. And just because someone isn’t capable of spelling correctly or writing coherently is no reason to keep them from posting. How smart does one have to be to be a troll?

    2. How smart does one have to be to write or spew their anti-American rhetoric? Perhaps we just pull the 1st amendment right for all you boneheads as well?

    3. Nothing screams “D!PSHIT” LOUDER than an obvious “Regressive” M.O.R.O.N that can’t even write coherently… ie

      “is not capable of managing editor their Social Security income income”

      B1tching about the competence issues and rights of others!!!
      Simple fact of the matter is that M.O.R.O.N.S such as yourself VOTE… Teach… and are in positions of power making the LAWS/RULES of the land and decisions for everyone else!!!

      Manson ain’t got nothing on YOU!!!

      Hollllly Shiite Mooslims… America’s in trouble!!!

  2. Liberals are probably sucking their thumb while rocking the fetal position over this. How dare ppl own firearms. Remember, the government will protect you. What a crock. These are the same ppl begging for open borders and unlimited immigration from know terrorist countries. Not that everyone from those countries are terrorists. When the government won’t protect you from bad ppl, your left up to your own defenses.

      1. “Dementia”… ie FORGETTING that the people you’re bringing into your land in mass are COMMANDED BY THEIR GOD to “CONVERT” or “KILL” you…

        Describes well ALL LIBTARDS!!!
        Thus we should totally disarm all registered democrats… is what you’re saying?!!!

        I’m all for that… Yeeee-Haaaa!!!!
        Actually, it’s Yeehaw or Yee-Haw!!!
        But who’s keeping record?!!!

    1. itsnotonesideitisallsides

      BigDumbDave who are you protecting yourself against besides other idiots like yourself? If you are hunting that is fine I respect that. Do you think some terrorist is going to come to your po-dun town…. nope. Get over yourself you are no more important then the rest of you inbred mother fuckers

      1. Aw, how cute, Another tough guy heard from.
        Thank Christ for the relative safety and anonymity of the interwebs right? I mean, it must save you a fortune in dental bills.

      2. Since when does the 2nd amendment have anything to do with hunting? It’s the right to keep and bear arms… what is it about that statement you moron liberals just don’t get?

      3. I live in a nice town with no terror issues. I feel bad for the enlightened ones in major cities that have been and will be targets in the future. So ,if you use any government program, you’re automatically banned from having anything to defend yourself. FUCK YOU by the way.

      4. I think you meant “…no more important THAN the rest of you inbred mother fuckers.” This is, of course, among other grammatical and spelling errors indicating your intellect and rhetoric skills.

        –Inbred Mother Fucker

    2. Well, repub pea brain – Hope one of those, 75,000 ment.ill folk’s who can now legally buy a gun doe’snt blow your stupid ead off- notice I didn’t say,blow your brain’s out, you have to have them, to blow – you sir, are completely WITHOUT!!

      1. Do some research and give us some facts, Percy!!!

        Who KILLS more folks with firearms?!

        Ment.ill folk’s with legally registered weapons?! (Input # here)


        Inner City Hood Rats with unregistered/stolen/illegal firearms… MOST OF WHICH WOULD REGISTER “LIBTARD”?! (Input # here)

  3. Yes, and the law also says that a person can’t purchase a gun if you have a misdemeanor that could have resulted in a jail sentence of more than two years. In other words, someone with a misdemeanor is treated like a convicted FELON. This is not right.

  4. When there are 52 Republican senators,and 57 vote to roll it back,that is not a party line vote. You might want to learn English before writing articles.

  5. First my husband attempted suicide by sleeping pills, but I got him to a hospital in time and then into a mental health clinic for a month. A year later, he bought a gun and ammunition without my knowledge and carried out his suicide. Thanks, Republicans. I’ll never forget you.

    1. Sorry that your husband succeeded in committing suicide. WHY DID HE WANT TO DIE? When you know that then you can figure out how to change it. Without solving that problem you would not be able to stop him from succeeding. Blaming the tools for his death is not the answer. His month in the mental health clinic did not identify or solve that problem.

    2. The Republicans are not to blame. The NICS background check has a provision for barring someone with mental health issues from buying a gun. Blame your mental health clinic for not placing him on the list when they knowingly released him with a mental condition that made him a danger to himself. They had an obligation to make that report and they chose not to do it.

    3. Larry Jones says: “my husband”

      Would appear “Your husband” had more serious issues than just wanting to die!!!

      How is it you blame republicans for your “husbands” many confusions and issues?!!!

      You think we should ban Sleeping Pills?!!

  6. Bout sick and tired of all these whining liberal progressive democrats that can’t carry on a discussion thread without name calling when they don’t have a civil remark to contribute. Listen up, it’s my constitutional right to keep and bare arms! If you don’t want to be around or own a gun don’t, try not to be a horses ass to people that do. I will protect myself and my family at all cost. Come into my home uninvited and you will leave horizontally.

  7. There’s too many guns. Ever been shot at? ever seen anyone shot? It sucks! There are many societal factors that play into violence(poverty, drugs, mental illness) But there is still a major common factor…THE GUNS!!! So ya, there needs to be some sort of regulation. Its not about your rights being taken away, Its about preventing gun violence.

    1. Actually, it *is* about a Constitutional right being taken away. I think everybody agrees that convicted violent offenders should not own a gun. The same is true for persons suffering from a recognized mental illness that could lead to violence. The question is, can we take away a Constitutional right just because a person uses a third-party to manage their social security? No, we can’t. The Republicans simply fixed a law that needed fixing.

      If you make laws with the mindset of preserving rights for people, and only deny those rights in extreme circumstances, then you will get fair-ish laws.

      If you make laws to fulfill your own personal world-view, arrogantly thinking that you can decide better than another person what is right or wrong, then you get…well, you get the current Democrat Party.

  8. Good this means the ask risk elderly could now be taken advantage of by aiding criminals in getting guns. I know elderly people who had money stolen and valuables by ‘care givers’ now these crooks will have easy access to guns. Ahh conservatives will never learn. Now if feeble minded grandma or g paw’s flip out and forget who their kids are or grand kids are there’s gonna be many messes. First leaving loopholes open for terrorist and no fly now this. Yup they are really ‘protecting America’ if america is the NRA.

  9. We should all just go back to the ways of the Old West where everyone carried guns and settled their own disagreements. Steal from me and mine and get caught, your shot. Done. That’s why back then you never had to lock your doors, or worry about someone harming your child. Neighbors helped each other, families stayed together through thick and thin. Progress has cost us a lot through the years in terms of what we have lost in society today. I’m not saying that there were no bad times and laws, and people back then either, because we all know there was. But really, would you break into someone’s home to rob them of everything they worked so hard to have if you knew everyone carried guns and protected their own property, and the chances were null of you coming out of that house alive?

  10. So republicans believe that it is fine for people suffering with mental illness to purchase firearms? Amazing! People who need a payee to receive their Social Security benefits are: children, people with diminished capacity and people who are mentally unwell. This is scary and makes me feel that the mental capacity of the people making these decisions should be questioned. Are they truly mentally fit to hold office? Or does their ingrained racism just overrule their common sense?

    1. So you compare mental illness and the right to keep and bare arms with “ingrained racism”?!

      WTF does this article or its subject matter have to do with RACISM?!
      Are you really that DULL???!!!

      What needs to be taken away is S.T.U.P.I.D peoples right to VOTE!!!

      P.S… it’s NOT so-called Mentally Ill Senior Citizens out SHOOTING UP, LOOTING TOWNS and/or killing folks!!!

      It’s Criminals with Illegal (Stolen) weapons, thugs with no daddies and ALL OF WHICH WOULD REGISTER LIBTARD is asked!!!

  11. An individual unable to care for themselves isn’t a criminal. They are not very bad individuals. But on the other hand, if you allow someone suffering from dementia, or Alzheimers, you are allowing for the potential of a tragedy. And furthermore, I find it highly unlikely that anyone with this condition would be motivated to even try to get a firearm.

  12. High time we started returning to sanity in America. We need to reverse a whole lot of Barack Insane Obama’s Left Wing Marxist Control Freak, Anti-Constitutional, Anti-American Bovine Scatology! History will show that Obama was the WORST and MOST DEVISIVE President ever to hold the office in the United States of America!

  13. The *ONLY* [and the *REAL*] reason the communists [aka: progressives, aka: socialists, aka: collectivists, aka: ] want our guns, is so that the USA will be vulnerable to invasion. Because the people of the USA were known to be armed, Japan did not invade in WW-II; so this has already been an issue.

    THAT’S the BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that nobody wants to talk about.

    The right to keep and bear ARMS (not just firearms), is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT– just like free speech and freedom of religion, etc. If there is anyone that doesn’t like that, then they need to put forth a constitutional amendment, and get it passed– there is a process for that.

    An “ARM” is:

    1) Anything specifically designed to be used as a weapon; OR

    2) Anything the federal, state, or a local government defines to be a weapon; OR

    3) Anything a person intends to use as a weapon.

    If you are a communist living in the USA, instead of ruining our country, please move to N.Korea [or some other communist country that appeals to you]!

    You’re welcome, and keep the change!

  14. Around our house President Trump is referred to as Jughead. Jughead is so paranoid about anything that President Obama did that he is undoing everything no matter the consequence or if it changing it makes sense. Evidently he wants to put his own signature on everything. By getting rid of the Affordable Care Act referred to as Obama Care he evidently thinks that the new act will be called Trump Care.

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