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Republicans Agree with Trump, will Probe Leaks

These are very serious leaks that are exposing U.S. intelligence gathering methods and that could involve an intentional effort to undermine an official whose views are quite contrary to those of Obama administration officials.

From the Washington Examiner:

House and Senate Republicans are following President Trump’s lead by demanding investigations into the damaging leaks that have been pouring out of the federal government since President Trump took office.

Leaks that exposed former national security adviser Mike Flynn’s phone call to the Russian ambassador in December, as well as conversations between Trump and foreign leaders, have frustrated Trump in his first few weeks in office. When Democrats pounced and said further investigations into the White House are warranted, Trump said the “real” issue is the leaks themselves.

“The real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington,” Trump tweeted.

Republicans in Congress made it clear they are ready to oblige. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is drafting a letter to the FBI that will ask the bureau investigate the leaks.

10 thoughts on “Republicans Agree with Trump, will Probe Leaks”

  1. Keeping any Obama leftovers is the WH is like making room for the fox in the henhouse. Get rid of them. And get rid of any others who will not get on board with the president and this country.
    Trump knows the words to say…”you’re fired!”

  2. If it is the Obama/Clinton stuffed FBI still headed by the clueless,swinging in the political wind director Comey I think the investigation will be foiled from the get go.

    Add in a few GOPe and we will be in even more danger. Find the leaks yes, but the intelligence communities are rife with anti Trump bureaucrats , so don’t expect much.

    I agree with Nunes and with this following article that addresses the Deep State.

    1. They’re very different. A whistleblower reveals something illegal or unethical. Flynn did nothing illegal or unethical during his phone call…Trump did nothing illegal or unethical during his phone calls to world leaders.

      Get it?

    2. As Mr. Pibbs writes, there is a HUGE difference between a leaker and a whistleblower. What we have here are leaks violating Federal law by disclosing highly sensitive intelligence in a purposely damaging manner to the media. It’s really Phase 2 of the war on the United States, the US Constitution and our institutions declared by Obama and his gang of lefty thugs. Phase 1 was the first eight years of the Obama administration beginning January 20, 2009. Phase 2 of Obama’s declared war on the United States is, well, what we are witnessing right now, with the help of the fanatical corporate media. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Isn’t it obvious? Yes, it is.

  3. Seriously? The Repubs want the FBI to investigate the FBI.
    Then we can have the CIA investigate the HSA who will then investigate the NSA who will then investigate the FBI.
    The whole anonymous workforce inside all of our DC establishments are Obama/Dem supporters who think they can bring down the Trump administration with the cooperation of the MSM.
    Right-o. Form some special committees, call this one or that one to explain the unexplainable and it will all go away until the next breach of national security.
    That’s what this leaked info on Gen Flynn is – a breach of national security. The details of a Presidential conversation with another foreign leader is also a breach of national security.
    These are actionable offenses and should be treated as such, not as fodder for screaming headlines at the MSM.

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