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National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns

Michael Flynn, national security adviser to President Trump, resigned late Monday, the Washington Examiner reported.

Flynn stepped down amid reports that he had misled administration officials about his communications with Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak before the inauguration.

“In the course of my duties as the incoming National Security Adviser, I held numerous phone calls with foreign counterparts, ministers, and ambassadors,” Flynn wrote in his resignation letter.

Flynn admitted in the letter that he “inadvertently” briefed Vice President-elect Pence and others with “incomplete information” about his phone calls with the Russian ambassador.

Trump named retired Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg as acting national security adviser. Reports suggested that Kellogg, retired Gen. David Petraeus and Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, Jr., former Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command, were on the short list to permanently replace Flynn. Some reports suggested Harward is the lead contender.

15 Responses to National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Resigns

  1. Probably was the right person for the job. Guess we’ll never know, now. Trump has a simple prerequisite. He just wants folks that can get the job done. And the job? Clean house, take out the trash, straighten out the place, get rid of broken appliances, make room to move around here without bumping into unwanted obstacles. Efficiency will be our motto….Simple? Not when we view a government bloated with just the opposite.

    • Grace, I see this as very serious. It has serious consequences to foreign politics. But maybe the situation was such, because of the MSM, that Trump found it best to look for a replacement. Another “Flynn” without the rumors.

  2. I wrote earlier today about this under the Mnuchin article. I believe that Flynn is the first victim of the jihadists in the MSM and among the Democrats. And among his own party too. The accusations against Flynn are absurd, these people just do not want any thawing in the relation with Russia, they want war. They now smell blood. It is tragic. They are trying to topple Trump.

  3. It is good that he resigned since he could not be square with Pence for whatever reason.
    Undoubtedly, the Democrats will be looking for spooks and spies and ghosts in every corner of Flynn’s existence.
    They will stop at nothing in order to further try to erode Trump’s presidency and further damage our country, all in the name of the Democrat party and their lust for power.

  4. When you “eff” up, admit it, vow to never let it happen again, and move on. Don’t obfuscate, delay, deceive or cover. That’s how scandals ignite. Flynn is a good man with good intentions, but the President had to make a move for the greater good. Flynn will undoubtedly play a role in a more scaled back fashion.

    Move ahead, do not get bogged down….


    • Harv, I fully agree.
      My dad always told me,”tell the truth, it’s easier to remember” and put it behind you and learn from your mistakes “

  5. I was fine with his conversations it was lying to Pence that ended it for me. If he’d have just been honest “yep, I talked to em, even talked about sanctions, someone had to try to keep the Ruskies from escalating off of Obama’s little temper tantrum.”

    Oh, and what I REALLY want to know is what type of warrant was used for the wire tap and what type of investigation will be launched into who leaked the transcript to the stenographers at Bezos’ mouthpiece WaPo?

    • That’s the real story here, I think.

      Remember when the LA Clippers’ owner was forced to sell the team after his mistress leaked audio of him to TMZ?

      The recordings were of dubious legality, but the story was never, “Mistress leaks illegal recordings,” it was “Clippers owner raaaaaaaacist!”

      Same thing here: what got said to whom on what tape should be a secondary concern. Here again, the real question ought to be, not the contents of the tape, but how and why the media got the tape in the first place…and whether the recording was even legally done.

  6. I used to work with [not FOR] the CIA– Beware, they are not what they say at the upper levels– very two-faced. Since national security is involved, I suspect that we are not being told the whole truth, and the whole truth will never be known. I don’t think Flynn did anything wrong, but may have had a personality conflict with Pence– but there might be something more sinister at work that we are not being told anything about– about 30% of the people in DC have been compromised or co-opted to work with the shadow government [the “family”]. It’s difficult to know who to trust, but you will know them by there actions (which may be too late at that point). I expect a false-flag operation Real Soon Now, and the Russians will be the “fall guy”.

    I also suspect that the entire WH is bugged [by US intelligence]– time for a deep sweep of all facilities, and especially where sensitive subjects are discussed. For obvious reasons, the Internet and cellphones (or anything else electronic) cannot be within walking distance if you are discussing something sensitive. Even after the sweep, ultra-sensitive discussions should be in the bunker under the WH.

    We HAVE to stop the vestigial neocons that want WW-III; they think that it is survivable, and this is based on decades old war gaming– but it is not survivable– it’s not just the bombs– now it’s the nuke power plants– that’s what would render the entire northern hemisphere uninhabitable if there ever was a nuclear exchange (WW-III)– it would be an “extinction level event” [ELE]– even for people living underground for decades.

    • Ken in LA,
      I commented on the same subject over at TCH, but you said it much better.
      I took the liberty of posting your comment over at TCH, I hope you don’t mind.

      “CiscoKid says:
      February 14, 2017 at 8:02 am
      RE: leaks, etc.
      Former Chicago Alderman Edward Vrdolyak once famously said, “anytime you’re on the phone or in a office anywhere, assume you’re being bugged”.
      In essence, perhaps not verbatim, it was a long time ago.
      If I were Trump I’d have my personal expert sweep any phone or room I’m in conducting business for “bugs”.”

  7. Is this all just a way to try to get rid of Trump (eventually, after an investigation and yada yada yada) and put Pence in his place? Or just part and parcel of making life difficult for Trump? Since it was a Republican Intelligence Committee member who brought up the idea of an investigation, I wonder…… I’m as anti-communist as the next person, having grown up during the Cold War but it really irritates me to have so much focus on Russia when I think the real and immediate threat is elsewhere. Russia is a concern, for sure, but not the most immediate concern, in my judgment.