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Gallup: Majority says Trump “Strong and Decisive”

Maybe Americans are seeing something the press is not quite focused on.

From the Washington Examiner:

A Gallup poll released Monday found clear majorities of Americans believe President Trump “keeps his promises, is a strong and decisive leader, and can bring about changes the country needs.”

When asked to evaluate whether the phrase “keeps his promises” applies to Trump, 62 percent of respondents responded affirmatively. Fifty-nine percent replied affirmatively when questioned on whether he is a “strong and decisive leader” and 53 percent agreed that he “can bring about the change this country needs.”

President Trump scored lowest with respondents when asked whether he is “honest and trustworthy,” a notable disconnect considering they gave him the highest marks for keeping promises.

3 thoughts on “Gallup: Majority says Trump “Strong and Decisive””

  1. If the Press sees the President making good on all of his campaign promises, then we’re seeing the same thing.
    The Press sees the 7 country immigration ban as something horrible even though MrObama did about the same thing.
    The People see MrTrump trying his best to limit the flood of Muslim radicals as he promised the voters.
    The Press is aghast that a President and his advisor would publically defend a family member who his being politically dismissed. The People see a President and his advisor defended his family member from another hateful move by a business and they think they would do the same thing if it happened to their family.

    The Press is appalled that ICE has rounded up a few hundred illegal aliens for deportation, but the People see a President trying to right the wrong the illegals have done to our country.

    MrTrump tells Mexico to start cracking down on their drug-crazed cartels, tells Canada, China, Japan and any other foreign nation that their salad days of sticking it to America is over, starting now. The Press is shocked, the People are thrilled.
    And so on.
    We see a President making good on his promises, working from early morn to late at night, and we’re so grateful that he is a man of his word.

  2. Yet the MSM has already declared President Trump a failure, not fit for office, a sociopath, a liar, a warmonger, a racist, uncouth, unpresidential, corrupt…It never ends!

  3. Personally, I suspect that the 62% is probably
    really 70% . I think so because the MSM is
    really losing it, and becoming more unhinged.
    I am enjoying the spectacle that the media is

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