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Secret Service Director Clancy Steps Down

The leader of the Secret Service will step down early next month after more than two years on the job, the Washington Examiner has confirmed, the Washington Examiner reported.

Director Joseph Clancy was hired by President Barack Obama to shore up the agency after a series of high-profile scandals back in 2014. He was the former leader of Obama’s protective detail and had retired into the private sector before being summoned back to the public arena.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on Tuesday thanked Clancy for his service and said he did a good job turning the agency around.

5 thoughts on “Secret Service Director Clancy Steps Down”

  1. The swamp continues to drain. Lots more Obama appointees should be swirling around the sink and ready to be drained out to the septic tank.

  2. Director Clancy has protected Presidents for almost 30 years which has included Republicans. I am sure the commentators who have responded to this story are ignorant of. Director Clancy did a great job restoring discipline and focus within the Secret Service after those public scandals that came to light in recent years. He is the only Obama appointee that actually did his job and did it well.

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