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Steven Mnuchin Confirmed as Treasury Secretary

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump has his economic right-hand man in place.

The Senate voted Monday evening to confirm Steven Mnuchin, a former investor, banker and Trump campaign official, to be the 77th secretary of the treasury. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was the only Democrat to vote with Republicans, and the nominee was confirmed 53-47.

Confirmation means that Mnuchin will be in a position to help carry out Trump’s ambitious agenda for cutting tax rates, lessening financial regulation and revamping trade agreements.

The treasury secretary is the top economic post in an administration, and Mnuchin’s swearing-in will go a long way toward filling out Trump’s understaffed Cabinet and, potentially, facilitating the president’s legislative agenda.

5 thoughts on “Steven Mnuchin Confirmed as Treasury Secretary”

    Jim Jatras writes: There is reason to be cautiously pessimistic. Trump beat his GOP rivals, he beat Hillary and maybe he can beat the confederacy of scoundrels mobilizing against him. But it is far from a sure thing. It is a fight where he is virtually alone, just a few trustworthy allies within his own party and even in his own nascent administration. If Trump is to win. he needs to stick to his own instincts and vision, compromising will be fatal….”
    So Mike Flynn had to go. When I read about the (absurd ) accusations I begin to realize what this is all about. He is the first victim of the jihadists in the MSM and among the Democrats and they now smell blood. They do not want any thawings in the relation with Russia. They want….war. My hope is that they are now so aggressive and blood thirsty that they start eating each other first.

    1. Flynn should not have resigned. I don’t know what went on between Pence, and Flynn but they are both men of quality and they should have been able to get over this.

      I think it is a sign of Trump’s weakening or perhaps he just is truly non conflict when it comes to his team.

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